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August 9, 2010 at 14:31 | Posted in biscuits | 1 Comment
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Having reviewed the dark Tim Tam, today we go to the opposite end of the spectrum (in the interest of balance) to look at the White Tim Tam.

These are called ‘Tim Tam ‘White’. Not, you will note, ‘White Chocolate’. And this is for a reason – there is absolutely no chocolate in these at all. That white coating is primarily vegetable fat, flavoured with milk solids. Hmmm, not an auspicious start, and somewhat surprising for a company that prides itself on the quality of it’s chocolate.

When you open the packet, the first thing that strikes you is that White Tim Tams are thinner than their dark and milk-chocolate counterparts. It’s quite noticeable; they feel thinner in the hand, and rattle around somewhat in the plastic tray. Overall, the packet is lighter (165g vs 200g), so clearly something is going on here.

So struck were we by this that we had to compare them to the pack photography, on which they look thick and plumped up. I don’t know; even allowing for the artistic license of the ‘perfect bite’ that’s been taken out I think the picture looks thicker. However, I did measure the biscuit and the pack images, and the proportions match exactly. So we’ll let Arnott’s off on this count.

However, I’m less keen to let them off on the overall quality of this biscuit. It’s really not that good; it’s just super-sweet but lacks flavour. The ‘white’ coating is insipid, the cream filling just tastes of sugar and the whole thing just lacks the refinement you expect from Arnott’s – especially in one of their iconic lines.

Sorry fellas, this one only gets a three out of ten.

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