Tina Wafer

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Tina Wafer. I wonder who she is? Perhaps a weathergirl:
and now we cross to Tina Wafer to tell us what the weather has in store tomorrow
or perhaps an air hostess:
and looking after our passengers in the economy cabin today is Tina Wafer‘.
The WhitePages reveals that there are only 18 Australian households with the family name ‘Wafer’, and none of them are ‘T’. However, there are three bone fide Tina Wafers in the US. I’m very tempted to send all three of them a packet of these biscuits.  If you’re out there, Tina, do get in touch!

Now, I’m not a big fan of wafers. But I was expecting these to simply be smaller versions of the ‘Triple Wafers‘ previously reviews, perhaps packaged up for small fingers. It seems, however, that they are not. They seem to be lower quality; the cocoa one is less chocolaty, the plain one more sickly and insipid. The pink one tastes the same, but then all pink wafers taste the same pink taste, so that’s no surprise. All a bit disappointing, really. I’d say a three out of ten.

TeeVee Snacks – Wafer bites

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Representing a kind of foray into the no-mans-land between biscuits and chocolates, these small square biscuits are designed for snacking, presumably whilst watching the teevee. They come in a rather smart box reminiscent of the packaging those miniature version of chocolate bars come in, so it’s a clear assault on that category that Arnott’s are making, rather than the regular biscuit market.

I did for that reason ponder whether to review them or not; however I was heartened by the small print which declares ‘160g net biscuits’. Arnott’s might be trying to confuse the issue with the ‘snack’ nomenclature, but it seems the legal department insisted that they were indeed biscuits, and had to be marked as such.

The variety that I sampled was ‘wafer bites’ . This may seem odd when you consider my prejudices against wafers, but this slightly damaged, dented packet was 30% off at my local supermarket and I am a sucker for a bargain.

They are packed in a cellophane bag inside the box, and I recommend that you empty this bag out into the cardboard prior to eating. Partly because it makes the whole business of reaching in to take out a teevee snack much easier and more fun, and partly because it means you then have to finish the whole box.

The teevee snacks in my sample box looked a little the worse for wear; certainly not as smooth and rounded as the box artwork suggests. This may be to do with the rough handling the box had endured. However, it didn’t affect the eating quality of the teevees. I have to say, I thought they were rather good. They are a lot like small pieces of Gaiety, but actually I think nicer for being smaller. It’s certainly very easy to chomp through a whole boxful. In fact, I think these are one of the nicest wafer biscuits I have had recently. I’m going to give them an eight out of ten.


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When you google ‘Gaiety’ you find out that it means ‘a state of joyful exuberance’.  I wonder if this is how the Arnott’s recipe development team felt as they came up with this biscuit? I have a picture of white-coated, normally rather serious food economists and biscuit technitions dancing around the lab egging ech other on.

‘Another layer of wafer? Why not – lets go crazy!’

‘Oooh, yes, more chocolate! Really smother it!’

The result of all this exuberance is a quite tall, squarish wafer biscuit coated in milk chocolate. There are five layers of wafer, sandwiched together with chocolate cream.

So how does it all work? Well, it’s a bit odd. You could best sum up this biscuit by calling it ‘not quite a Tim Tam‘. It has the same chocolate coating and the same chocolate cream – but instead of the crunchy Tim Tam biscuit it has layers of crispy wafer.

The Tim Tam is definitely a superior biscuit. So why would anyone buy these? I mean, they are quite nice; really rather pleasant. And that’s even allowing for my prejudices about wafers. But if your hand was hovering over these in the supermarket, you’d surely find yourself picking the Tim Tams from the next shelf instead.

Perhaps there are people out there who just love wafers. If you are one of them, and can explain why you prefer these biscuits to Tim Tams, please let me know – I’ll send you a packet of Gaiety biscuits for your trouble. In the meantime, I’ll give these a six out of ten.

Triple Wafer

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Not just one wafer. Not just two wafers. No, as the name suggests with the Triple Wafer you get three different wafers in the same pack. Crazy! They come in cocoa, strawberry-ish and plain flavours, and, as is traditional with wafer biscuits, the strawberry-ish one is coloured lurid pink.

The tag line on the pack is ‘Wafers… Enjoy The Moment’. It’s a very apt tagline, as these biscuits have an extraordinary quality. When you attempt to eat them, they disappear.  Like something from Hogwarts they just vanish in the mouth the instant you bite into them. It really is a brief moment that you get with your wafer.

Of the three, the plain one is the best. Just before it vanishes there is enough time to taste the wafery wafer and the cream filling; it’s all rather evocative of an ice-cream when on holiday. The cocoa ones are next best; they do taste quite clearly of cocoa, and I can imagine that many people would prefer them to the plain ones. (Such uneducated palates.) Finally, the strawberry-ish ones taste strawberry-ish; that is to say they taste nothing like strawberries at all. They just taste pink.

Because they vanish as you eat them, you can get through a lot of these in one sitting. However, they are a bit sickly, so beware. As you get to about three-quarters of the way through the packet they do a kind of re-appearing trick in your stomach, and you suddenly feel rather bloated and queasy. You have been warned.

It sounds like I really dislike these biscuits, but that’s not actually the case. They are exactly what you expect a wafer biscuit to be; it’s just that I’m not very keen on wafer biscuits (unless they contain chewy caramel layers, of course). Indeed, as an example of the wafer biscuit genre, these are probably on the superior side. I’m going to give them a five out of ten because that’s what they objectively deserve, but if I allowed myself to put my wafer prejudices on view, I’d only give them a three.

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