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Gondolas. Gondoliers. Italian romance. Window blinds. Arnott’s have attempted to distill all of these into biscuit form in the Venetian, an iced fruit biscuit.

Somehow, you don’t get a good feeling about the Venetian from looking at the packet. It has something of the Monte Carlo about it; potentially rather overdone and try hard.

However, to sample a Venetian is to be pleasantly surprised. The fruit biscuit is crisp and moreish; the topping sweet but not overdone making the whole thing really rather good. It rather reminds me of a Johann Strauss waltz; actually much better than you expect; really quite skillful and not over sugary. Perhaps they should have been called ‘Viennese’, rather than ‘Venetian’.

A fine biscuit that deserves a solid eight out of ten.


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