Arnott’s Tiny Teddy Cheesy Crackers

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There is a definite phenomenon in my life that when I like something, they stop making it. It all started with ‘All Butter Crunch’, an own-brand biscuit from the UK supermarket Sainsburys. It was a feature of my youth – all the elder Chillikebab clan loved them. In some ways, my passion for biscuits perhaps stems from that one sweetmeat, fondly remembered from when I was eight years old. And then they stopped making it. (The same thing happened with Coffee and Walnut Angel Delight, I recall).

More recently, they stopped making Cheesy Stars. These were a star-shaped cheesy snack that you could buy in Coles. They were quite a feature in the contemporary Chillikebab household – especially by Mrs Chillikebab, who loved them, ploughing through packs ostensibly bought for the kids lunchboxes. Anyway, they stopped making those too. But never fear, dear friends, for into that breach has stepped Arnott’s, with a re-imagining of the Tiny Teddy into a whole new dimension.

Yes, savoury Tiny Teddies. Who would have thought? They are cheesy, and crackery. This brings a whole new level of chompability to the genre – they have an excellent crunch, and a good salty, cheesy flavour. We like them. Not quite as much as cheesy stars, but almost. I wonder if Arnott’s are planning any over savoury cross-overs? Other than the famous cheese Tim Tam, of course.

I’m going to give these an eight out of ten.

Tiny Teddy Variety Pack

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We continue with the Tiny Teddy theme, this time to take a peek at the Tiny Teddy Variety Pack. This contains individual packets of Tiny Teddies suitable for snacking. Three different varieties are included; Honey (which we looked at previously), Chocolate and Choc Chip.

Each individual bag contains fourteen teddies; at 25g per bag there is a price for the first person to work out the average weight of a single teddy. All six  teddy designs are once again in attendance, although with only fourteen in a bag it is by no means certain that you will get one example of each in every bag. By my calculations, you have about an 8% chance of getting a bag which is missing at least one teddy type (assuming even distribution of teddies).

The basic Tiny Teddy formula is there in all the varieties; a crunchy biscuit that is quite chompable. The choc chip variety wodul better be named ‘choc flecks’, as they are quite the smallest chocolate chips I have ever seen. They give the teddies a kind of diseased appearance, as if they have leprosy. The chocolate chips are quite hard to detect, and the biscuits barely have a chocolate taste to them although they are quite pleasant.

The choc variety are, erm, choc coloured, and do taste much more chocolatey. Also quite pleasant.

The real problem here seems to be the portion size; fourteen tiny teddies is just not enough. I think these are aimed at kiddies lunch boxes though, so perhaps fourteen was the most they could put in and still get an ‘amber’ in the school lunch tick mark thingy.

I’m going to give these a six out of ten.

Tiny Teddy Honey

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Apologies, dear readers, that your biscuit reviews have not been forthcoming over the past few weeks. The very exciting reason for this is that there is a new addition to the Chillikebab family; Baby Chillikebab II was born about a week ago.

You forget how tiny a newborn baby is; and so with tiny things on our minds we turn to another of the Tiny Teddy varieties. (And yes, that terrible segue is merely a way of weaving the news I am so desperate to share into a review…)

Once again, we have the six Tiny Teddy characters – Cheeky, Grumpy, Silly, Hungry, Sleepy and Tipsy. This time I have included a picture of all six, so you can have fun matching them up, or not if you prefer.

They are made with 5% honey, so do have a definite honey taste. They are also nice and crunchy, which makes eating them kind of like the Ursidaen equivalent of whitebait. They are quite pleasant; I’d say worth a five out of ten.

Half Chocolate Coated Tiny Teddy

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There is, it seems, a tiny teddy bear appreciation society. Whether an Arnott’s employee was a member or not it unclear, but apparently a biscuiteer at the firm had the bright idea of shrinking the regular Teddy Bear biscuit down to miniature size.

However, they obviously decided to lose the ‘homicidal folk dancer’ character and instead introduced six new ones – Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Cheeky, Silly and Cheesy. It’s not immediately clear, without the legend on the box, which character is which, although the faint cheddar flavour gives Cheesy away every time. It’s been a while since we have a competition, so the first person to correctly identify the three characters pictured below wins a box of these biscuits.

These Tiny Teddies are half coated in milk chocolate, and you get seventy two teddies in a box – that’s a fair few teddies to chomp through.

They are quite good – crunchy and moreish. Just take care as the fur gets stuck in your teeth. I’m going to give these a seven out of ten.

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