The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared – Jonas Jonasson

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jonassonOne of the things about having a Kindle is that you read some different books. Amazon really sucker you in with those ‘daily deal’ things.  The other thing I have discovered (after my little rant a few weeks ago)  is that Kindle e-books do have a cover – it’s just that when you select the book from the menu, it jumps to the first page. However, if you go back through the pages from that point, you do indeed get to the cover. I searched in vain for a way to make this the default behaviour, but to no avail.

I bought this book because it was twenty cents or something on the ‘daily deal’, and was advertised as a ‘sensation’. It also promised to be a light read, and after some of the heavier books I’ve read of late, I thought it would be a welcome diversion.

It is the story of Allan Karlsson – a centenarian explosives expert who escapes from his residential home, fleeing from his hundredth birthday party. There then follows an unlikely tale with a range of colourful characters, an international drug cartel, several inadvertent murders, an inept police investigation and an elephant. During these episodes we also learn about Allan’s previous life – he somewhat haplessly manages to be instrumental in shaping  the whole of twentieth century history, dining with world leaders from Stalin to Truman and both starting and quelling various wars and revolutions along the way. The whole thing is utterly preposterous, but somehow Jonasson keeps the momentum up page after page – it flies along at a cracking pace, and has more unlikely twists than a roller coaster. It requires very little in terms of intellectual energy, but it is entertaining and had me laughing out loud in places.

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