Tim Tam Turkish Delight

November 19, 2011 at 14:31 | Posted in biscuits | 3 Comments
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Stop the presses! Hold the front page! There is a new range of Tim Tams in town. The ‘Sweet Wishes’ range has arrived, featuring Honeycomb, Caramel and the subject for this post – Turkish Delight.

If, like me, you grew up in the UK in the eighties, your memories of Turkish delight will be coloured by this ad; full of mystic eastern eroticism and rubbish visual effects. For years I thought that this rosewater flavoured confection was terribly sophisticated, but now I read on Wikipedia that the rosewater stuff is cheap and tacky and the good stuff has nuts and things in it. How my illusions are shattered.

Looking at this pack, though, I can’t help feel that it is the cheap and tacky end of the business Arnott’s are aiming at. Maybe it’s just me, but it all seems rather blowsy with its lurid pink colour scheme and large sparkly writing. It looks like it was designed by a twelve year old girl using the glitter kit she got with Dolly magazine. Quite a contrast to the sophisticated look of the Dark Chocolate Mint pack. Interestingly, the Dark Chocolate Mint pack is still emblazoned with  a ‘New!’ corner flash, whilst this new range has nothing on it to suggest it has just been launched. Are Arnott’s super confident about the longevity of this new line?

But enough of all of that – what do they taste like? Well, they taste like Turkish delight. Actually they taste really strongly of Turkish delight; the rosewater flavour is quite overwhelming, if rather artificial tasting. I daresay even Edmund Pevensie would have been satisfied with them. They have a thin strip of Turkish delight in the centre of the cream filling (although it is much more chewy than you’d expect Turkish delight to be), and the cream stuff also seems to be flavoured and has a slightly odd pink tinge. The chocolate coating is milk, rather than the dark that Fry’s went for in the eighties.

The live up to their billing. They are sweet indeed; quite mind-blowingly so. Your correspondent only managed to eat three in one sitting, so that will tell you something. In fact, they deliver exactly what the pack promises; a very over the top, over-sweet, Turkish-delight-and-no-mistake Tim Tam.

Some people love them. Girls who love shopping, apparently. Evidently crusty old men who ride bicycles are not in the target market, because I don’t like them much at all. To be honest, I’d say they are on a par with (or perhaps even worse than) the Tim Tam White. So I’m afraid it’s a three out of ten for these. We’ll return to the rest of the Sweet Wishes range in the near future, so let’s hope things will pick up with the other varieties.

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