Sultana Fruit Slice

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The Snack Right Sultana Fruit Slice. A biscuit that reminds us of Italian feats of derring do; of swashbuckling adventures on the high seas, a handsome hero entering into battle and overthrowing tyrannical monarchies, stealing the hearts of beautiful women along the way and being feted by society figures across the world.

You don’t get all of that? Well, you should, as the Snack Right Sultana Fruit Slice is a Garibaldi biscuit, plain and simple. I don’t know why the Garibaldi name never caught on in Australia, but the combination of lots of sultanas squashed between two layers of soft biscuit is a classic, right down to the large slabs it comes in, with each slab being marked into five pieces for home disassembly.

The strange thing about this biscuit is that Arnott’s make another very similar product, but one that is not marked as ‘Snack Right’. Kind of  ‘Snack Wrong’, if you will. And indeed, the Snack Right product is the better of the two; juicier sultanas, a more structured, moreish biscuit and it seems better for you too.

Go and grab a red cape and sword and give them a go. They are really rather good. I’m going to give these a nine out of ten. (And don’t miss the chocolate coated version either).


Spicy Fruit Roll

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The Spicy Fruit Roll contains 45% ‘real’ fruit. I’ve always wondered about this. Are there biscuits out there that contain artificial fruit? If something was simply labelled ‘45% fruit’, should I be cynical and suspicious and assume the fruit is counterfeit?

Either way, we can rest assured in this case, as the Spicy Fruit Roll contains raisins, sultanas, and currants, as well as citrus peel. And the difference between raisins, sultanas and currants, as you all know, is that raisins are dried grapes, sultanas are married to sultans and currants are what flow around electrical circuits. <Boom tish>, I’m here all week.

The biscuit consists of a fairly soft outer ‘roll’ that is crimped at the edges. The amount of filling is, I think, slightly less generous than depicted on the packet, but the balance of filling to biscuit is about right. So what do they taste like?

In a word, they taste like Christmas. You know; log fires, carollers, mulled wine and so on. There is definitely spices going on there – perhaps nutmeg and cinnamon. And there’s also something else; a hint of aftershave, perhaps, that actually enhances the evocation of Christmas. They are not a seasonal line and are available all year round, but I have to say eating a Spicy Fruit Roll in, say, August, would be a discombobulating experience.

So I would give them an eight out of ten in December, but only a four out of ten for the rest of the year.

Sultana Choc

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One should always be slightly suspicious of biscuits that claim to be healthy. The whole point of a biscuit is that it is not healthy, but is a treat. The fruit slice range fro Arnott’s, however, are labelled ‘low GI’ and are part of the ‘Snack Right’ range (but kudos to Arnott’s for resisting the oh-so-modern temptation to label them ‘snak rite‘).

The first thing you notice when you open them is that there are only four biscuits in a pack, with each biscuit coming in at a whopping 20cm long. I have to say I approve of this; it allows me to eat half a packet whilst legitimately claiming that ‘I only had two’.

Each biscuit is divided into five sections, and it has been suggested that the idea is that one breaks them off one at a time – yielding twenty small biscuits. This is clearly nonsensical; the dividing lines are purely ornamental as evidenced by the fact that when you break them apart they often fail to separate cleanly along the joins.

The biscuit is fairly soft, almost cake-like, and really only serves to bind together a large quantity of sultanas. They are then topped with a generous coating of milk chocolate.

And they are very good. Very good indeed. Ignore the warning bells that go off when you see the health claims on the packet because these are yummy. The soft biscuit and abundance of fruit lends a seasonal air to the Sultana Choc, and then the chocolate topping adds an additional indulgence. It’s very very easy to eat a whole packet of these. And who can possibly say that eating four biscuits is over indulging? Especially when they are good for you.

I’d give these a nine and a half out of ten. I’ve even been known to choose these over the awesome Mint Slice, especially when I’m hungry and fancy something a bit more substantial to eat. A top-notch effort from Arnott’s.

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