Tim Tam Dark Mint

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Great excitement! Stop the presses! On an expedition to the supermarket last week, I found something new and exciting in the biscuit aisle – a new line of Tim Tams featuring dark chocolate. Obviously Arnott’s have taken heed of my advice around dark chocolate, and decided to expand their repertoire. There were two different varieties on offer, both decked out in a sophisticated livery; ‘Mint’ and ‘Run and Raisin’. I chose the mint, although you can be assured I will be returning to the Rum and Raisin variety in a future post.

I chose mint as I was intrigued to see how it fared against the Mint Slice. The Mint Slice is awesome, and I’ve rather controversially declared that I prefer it to the Tim Tam. However, could this preference be overturned by this new minty Tim Tam?

The first thing to note is that, in common with other ‘prestige’ varieties of Tim Tam, you only get nine in a packet, as opposed to eleven. This just rankles a bit with me, to be honest. Come on Arnott’s, give us a fair go and give us a full pack every time.

Once past that small disappointment, the Dark Mint Tim Tam is revealed to have an alluring minty aroma. It’s classic Tim Tam; thick dark chocolate enrobing two crumbly biscuits sandwiched together with a rich cream. The cream filling is not white, like the Mint Slice, but a rich mint-flavoured cocoa cream.

And they are good. Very good indeed. The balance of mint and chocolate is just right and the biscuit and cream filling work together perfectly. Oh yes, these are very good. Maybe even the best Tim Tam I have tasted. They are very rich, and very moreish.

Are they better than the Mint Slice? Now that’s a hard one. The Mint Slice is, after all, a classic. But these new Tim Tams have a richness that the Mint Slice lacks; a real air of decadence. Goodness, I just don’t know where to go with this one. I think I am going to have to declare it an honourable draw, with the sheer chompability of the Mint Slice on the one hand and the richness of the Tim Tam Dark Mint on the other. These will definitely be featuring on the Chillikebab family shopping list…

Honey Jumbles

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Honey Jumbles come in a rather unprepossessing pack. They are decked out in the blue packaging that Arnott’s use for ‘novelty’ biscuits, and the lurid pink icing tends to reinforce this notion. The cartoon bees also don’t do much to promote these as a grown-up biscuit worthy of serious consideration.

The biscuits themselves are quite thick (a full 12mm at the thickest point), and are variously topped with white or pink icing that is splodged on fairly roughly. There are twelve biscuits in a pack, and in the review pack there were only three white ones. The other nine were pink.

So what do you expect when you eat a Honey Jumble? I for one was expecting a very sweet biscuit, probably crunchy perhaps with honeycomb or hokey pokey pieces ‘jumbled’ inside.

If you’ve never tried a Honey Jumble, perhaps you should stop reading now, as eating your first Honey Jumble is an interesting experience if you come at it from that perspective. I took a bite, and the first thing I thought was ‘it’s soft‘. They are very soft – more cake-like than biscuit. All very strange. And then the flavour. It’s not honey, no no, something else. Ginger. Yes, definitely ginger. Actually quite strong; goodness these are really quite hot and gingery!

Then it suddenly hits you. They are gingerbread. Actually rather nice gingerbread; soft texture, light and open, with a good ginger kick. It just takes rather a long time to get to that realisation, because you expect something so different. It’s a bit like eating a piece of parsnip that you mistake for potato when you put it on your fork. It just tastes wrong for a few seconds until you work out what it really is.

Why on earth Arnott’s call these things ‘Honey Jumbles’ I have no idea. They certainly have honey in them, but it’s far from the dominant flavour. And the whole ‘jumble’ thing is just a bit odd. They should call them ‘Ginger fancies’, or perhaps even more to the point, ‘Gingerbread fingers’. Ditch the pink icing (which tastes the same as the white, by the way), put them in more sophisticated packaging and present them as upmarket continental treats, and I’m sure they would sell better. They could even go the whole hog and call them ‘Pain d’├ępices‘ (although this might cause confusion, looking to Australians more like some sort of orthopaedic complaint than a sweatmeat).

I rather like Honey Jumbles. They are a sophisticated treat. Don’t be put off by the packaging and the name; when you fancy some gingerbread they are just the ticket. I’m going to give these eight out of ten, but deduct a mark for having a silly name.


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