Arnott’s Shortbread Cream – Strawberries and Cream

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strawberriescreampackWell, those folks at Arnott’s have been busy, with the innovation department churning out yet another new range – called ‘Twisted Favourites’. There seems to be three¬†in the range so far – a salted caramel version of the Monte Carlo, a choc orange version of the Delta Cream, and these, based on the Shortbread Cream.

I must say, I quite like the packaging. It’s nice to see the Arnott’s parrot in all it’s glory – this decidedly retro and un-digital-friendly logo should be used more, IMHO.

When you open the pack you are immediately assailed by a phenomenally strong smell of strawberry flavour. Not, unfortunately, strawberries, but that immediately recognisable¬†artificial flavour that you get in cheap lollies. Except here it’s dialed up to eleven. It instantly fills the whole room; everyone who came within ten metres of my review packet commented on it.

strawberriescreambiscuitAnd then, when you bite into it, that flavour is dialled up yet again. Wow. That’s a lot of strawberry flavour in there. Now, if you absolutely love strawberry flavoured lollies, you are going to love these. Unfortunately, I do not. It’s too overwhelming, it obliterates the buttery goodness of the biscuit, is too sweet and has that slightly ‘dirty’ taste that seems to be ever present with cheap strawberry flavour.

Hmmm. Sorry Arnott’s, but this one’s another dud. I know. I hate to do it to you again. But for whatever reason, lately you’ve just seemed to have lost you mojo. Fingers crossed the others in the range are better – I’ll be getting to them in due course…

But for now this gets just two out of ten.

Shortbread cream

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The Shortbread Cream. A biscuit that harks back to Arnott’s Scottish heritage, consisting of two shortbread biscuits (baked with a mixture of butter and vegetable oil) sandwiched together with vanilla flavoured cream.

The biscuits have an attractive ridged line down the centre which give them a sort of Art Deco feel, and the cream filling really does have a scalloped edge as depicted on the packet. They were first introduced in 1908, so clearly the Arnott’s biscuit designers were ahead of their time with the Art Deco thing.

They are made to an Arnott’s family recipe, and seem to be a very popular line. You can even buy then on, although only new, rather than second hand – although the out of date packet design shown in the picture does not inspire confidence that they are going to be fresh.

They are quite nice; the shortbread crumbles nicely and melts in the mouth, and the cream filling adds a nice touch of indulgence. Yes, they are nice, but they aren’t great. There is not quite enough butter compared to vegetable oil, so they are a bit, erm, oily. And the cream filling doesn’t really live up to it’s billing as ‘vanilla cream’; it could do with rather more vanilla.

Perhaps that’s being churlish; they are quite good and it’s quite easy to chomp through most of the packet in one sitting. I’d give these a seven out of ten.


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