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Some time ago we looked at the dark chocolate Royal, a biscuit I spoke highly of, and gave a nine out of ten. I did in that article counsel against the milk chocolate ones, but a friend bought me a packet anyway, so I thought I’d take a look at them.

I have to say, I was deeply shocked, and to explain why I have to admit to something. When I wrote my dark chocolate Royal review, I had never had a milk chocolate one. You could therefore quire legitimately call me to task for recommending the dark ones over the milk-  how could I make such a recommendation, you might ask, if I had never actually tasted both varieties?  It’s a good question; however one that is ultimately moot as the dark ones are much better –  much much better in fact, as we shall see.

Back to the matter at hand; why was I so shocked? Well, I had naively imagined that the milk chocolate version differed from the plain chocolate version in chocolate coating alone. How wrong I was! The milk chocolate version is a completely different beast. It has a thin layer of raspberry (or possibly strawberry, or perhaps just ‘red’) jam  between the biscuit base and the mallow, and the mallow itself is pink. The pack itself gives little indication that this is the case; the artwork does depict this, but this is easy to miss, and indeed the pinkness of the mallow is much more pronounced in real life than on the pack. But there is nothing in the description on the pack that mentions the addition of jam.

So what does this do to the taste of the milk chocolate Royal? Well, it exacerbates the sweetness of the whole thing. This is further enhanced by the milk chocolate begin sweeter (the cause of my initial reservations) and just makes the whole thing too sweet, and somewhat over-engineered.

So in summary, I stand by my original conclusion. Go for the dark chocolate Royal, and avoid these. They are way too sweet to enjoy properly; after just one or too you have overloaded on sweetness and can start feeling bilious. And what use is a biscuit that you can only eat one or two of in one sitting? These merit only a three out of ten.

Dark Chocolate Royals

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The Royal is Arnott’s version of a teacake; soft mallow on a biscuit base covered in chocolate. They come in two varieties; milk and dark. As is usually the case, the dark version is much better, and it is those we will consider here.

The first thing to say about the Royal is that it must be kept in the fridge. A Royal at room temperature is most unsatisfying; it becomes a soft, sticky, over-sweet mess that is really not very enjoyable. If someone offers you a non-chilled Royal, do yourself a favour and refuse. However, from the fridge they are a different beast.

As you bite into it, the chocolate dome cracks in an extremely satisfying manner; your teeth then sink into sensuous soft mallow before reaching the soft biscuit base which yields to the bite without cracking. The different components reach a kind of harmony as you chew; the sweet mallow coupled with the rich dark chocolate, with the base providing a contrasting texture. It really is very good. For something so sweet they are extremely moreish; it’s not out of the question to polish off a whole packet in one sitting. (Unfortunately this is what happened to the review pack before I had got around to measuring their size or counting the number in the pack, which is why this review is rather light on the hard data).

Great stuff. highly recommended – a 9 out of 10. Just remember – go for the dark variety, not the milk, and put them in the fridge.

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