Tim Tam Toffee Apple

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Atim tam toffee apple packnother day, another Tim Tam flavour. I feel a little sad about all this, actually. A new Tim Tam flavour used to be a major event. Something pretty seismic. Certainly worthy of significant excitement.

tim tam toffee apple biscuitBut now, well, some of that is gone. Flavours come and go, and unless you are quick you might not even realise it before it disappears again, only to be replaced by yet another. What used to be something sweated over; the evolution of a cultural icon, now seems to be a mere pawn in the commercial objectives to keep major supermarkets onside. Exhibit a) – these are only available in Woolies.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get maudlin there. Let’s get into this.

For me, toffee apples are associated with Halloween. Generally they consist of cheap hard caramel over an even cheaper apple, jammed on a stick. I haven’t had one for years, but I think the generally accepted way to eat them is to chew off the toffee bit whilst aiming for minimal apple consumption, and then throw the apple away.

So how does this new Tim Tam measure up? Well, the inside is a rather startling red colour, I suppose to evoke the look of a red apple. They do have an applely (appley? Applee?) aroma. To taste they sort of do taste like cheap apple with cheap caramel, so I suppose they do evoke those childhood Halloween memories.

I’m doing them a bit of a disservice. They are actually not too bad. A bit over sweet, perhaps, and without a great deal of depth, Definitely not a classic. But far from offensive. I’m going to give them a five out of ten.




Tim Tam Red Velvet

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red velvet tim tam packWell, it seems the folks at Arnott’s have been busy cooking up more treats with fitness-dancer-turned-patissier Adriano Zumbo. The latest offering to hit the shelves is the Tim Tam Red Velvet, designed to taste like a red velvet cupcake.

Red Velvet cakes are so called because they are red. Apparently this all goes back to the second world war, when bakers would use beetroot to colour their chocolate cakes, given that actual chocolate was in such short supply. Nowadays, of course, we can simply use food colouring, although it is to Arnott’s credit that they use natural colour extracted from South American parasitic insects, rather than nasty artificial colour extracted from fossilised trees.

red velvet tim tamThey look just like regular Tim Tams, although once again we only have nine in a pack. This cheapskatery does rankle with me a little, to be honest. There’s nothing worse than eating y0ur ninth Tim Tam, then reaching out in anticipation of your penultimate biscuit only to find the packet is inexplicably empty. Oh well. I suppose Arnott’s have to pay Zumbo’s licensing fees somehow.

When you bite into a Red Velvet Tim Tam, the red colour is quite striking. The biscuit is chocolatey, and the filling tastes remarkably similar to cream cheese icing. Indeed, I would say these really do live up to the billing; they taste pretty much exactly like a red velvet cup cake – moreish,  rich, and slightly sickly.

They are actually pretty good; I’d go as far as to say they are the best of the Zumbo Tim Tams. I’m going to give these and eight and a half out of ten.

Pyrmont in Red

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Riding home last night, I was stuck by the moody red lighting on Pyrmont Bridge.

All of the street lamps have had red filters put over the globes; presumably it’s part of creating an atmosphere for the ‘Fiesta’ events over the long weekend.

It was all rather tremendous, although it also made the bridge rather dark – with the filters the lamps put out a lot less light.

Interestingly, it seemed to make the cyclists go a lot slower. I didn’t ride over at peak commuter time, but it wasn’t long after and there were still quite a few bikes around. What with it being so dark, it was really necessary to go slowly and take your time – which everyone seemed to be doing whilst enjoying the novel atmosphere.

It struck me that it’s another example of the counter-intuitive nature of a lot of ‘safety’ initiatives; you might imaging that putting in better lighting would prevent accidents, but perhaps the reverse is true. It also points to why putting in a green bike lane across this bridge would be such bad news – it would make cyclists go faster, when what needs to be done is to slow them down.

Anyway, Pyrmont Bridge was certainly very atmospheric last night; I hope they leave the red lights up permanently!

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