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The road pictured is Balmain Road, Sydney. It is one of the routes into Rozelle / Balmain, a popular suburb of Sydney replete with nice cafes, funky shops and interesting markets. It seems to be especially popular on Saturday mornings; indeed so popular that the queue of traffic on Balmain Road was around 2km long. I was walking along the road at the time pushing Baby Chillikebab in her pram, and the traffic was travelling at about the same speed as we were – say 4km/h or so. This means the people in the cars were prepared to wait around half an hour just to get into Rozelle. Once there, they then would the need to find somewhere to park – easily another fifteen minutes. That’s forty-five minutes in total – let’s hope that latte or antique vase is really worth it.

It’s quite extraordinary really; in that 45 minutes those people could have virtually cycled from Bondi, as this useful map shows. I’m fairly confident that the vast majority of those people queuing up on Balmain Road live less than a 45 minute cycle away from Balmain. However, I’m also fairly confident that, if asked, they all would have had a really good reason why they could not have ridden that day. “too hilly’, ‘too dangerous’, ‘too slow’, ‘too hot, ‘too cold’ etc etc.

I observed as we walked that the cars were about half and half split between people on their own and couples, with rather few families. Another interesting thought is that if each car is about 4m long, and there is a 3m gap between cars, then there were about 285 cars on that 2km stretch of road. Assuming one and a half people per car on average, that’s about 430 people.  A Sydney Transport Authority bus can hold between 44 and 79 people depending on the type, so  we could accommodate all those people in around nine buses. A bus is about 13 metres long, so nine buses only need about 150m of road – around 8% of the road space taken up by the 285 cars.

That’s all a bit by the by; people evidently don’t want to cycle, or go on the bus – otherwise they would be doing it. It’s a free country after all, and people can choose how they want to get about. I suppose the bit I am puzzled by is why they want to sit in their cars for that long. I mean, I know Balmain is nice, but it’s not that nice, surely? Or maybe these people find the interior of their car much more interesting that I find the interior of mine? All very mysterious.


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