Running. Never again.

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It was sports carnival day at daughter #2’s preschool yesterday, so I took the morning off work to go along.

I rode down there with daughter #1 on the bike, and we watched all the fun of the running and obstacle races.

runningThen it was time for the big event – the Mums and Dads race. I took my place in the line, heart beating nervously. The stakes were high. This was for prestige and bragging rights. I wanted my daughter to be able to say ‘my dad’s faster than your mom’ to the other kids in the playground.

The whistle went ‘peep’, and we started running.

Now, I haven’t run since I was at school. I don’t really do running. But as a schoolboy, I was a reasonable sprinter, and with all the cycling I do I figured I’d go OK.

About four strides in, my quads petty much seized up. WTF? Perhaps it will go away if I keep going. So I keep on running; I’m pulling into the lead. But my god my legs hurt.

I have no idea whether I won or not. There was some confusion about whether we had to run back again, and even where we had to run to.

But afterwards my quads hurt. They continued to hurt as I then rode to work, and through the rest of the day, and for the ride home, and in the evening.

When I woke up this morning, they were even more stiff. I could barely move. And they’re not much better now.

I ride for an hour and a half on a fixed gear bike every day. I cycled 70km up to Newport before breakfast for a meeting, with no worries. I ferry the kids around on the bike at weekends.

But apparently running two hundred metres is too much for me.

And the worst thing? Tomorrow, it’s the sports carnival for daughter #1. So I’m going to have to do it all over again…

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