Tim Tam Double Choc Caramel

November 25, 2011 at 15:12 | Posted in biscuits | 1 Comment
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Today we push on with looking at the new ‘Sweet Wishes’ range of Tim Tams, and turn our attention to the Double Choc Caramel.

They have the smooth, thick chocolate coating of the ‘double coat‘ Tim Tam, which is immediately promising. I guess this is where the ‘double’ in the name comes from, as there’s nothing else particularly chocolatey about them. Between the two layers is a caramel-flavoured cream filling, and inlaid in the centre of this filling is a slab of caramel. Caramel that is, in fact, quite chewy. This is really quite good stuff; Arnott’s should really consider using this type of caramel in the oh-so-disappointing ‘Chewy Caramel‘ version.

I have to say, they are realy rather good. A huge improvement over the Turkish Delight range we looked at last week. They are very sweet, yes, but the additional chocolate and the chewy caramel really give it a lift, making them quite moreish.

They also have a strangely familiar taste to them; something from long ago. Mrs Chillikebab commented on it too, and after much head scratching, we identified what the flavour was. Yes, they are peppery! ‘Peppery?’, I hear you cry? Yes indeed, for they are deeply reminiscent of the flavour of Cadbury’s ‘Finger of Fudge‘. I have no idea if these were ever marketed in Australia, but they were a feature of my childhood in the UK. One of the most notable things about the Finger of Fudge was the TV advert that clearly stated they were ‘full of peppery goodness‘. Everyone I knew thought this was how it went, and indeed it seems the internet is full of people who believe the same thing. Indeed, listening to the advert again, I still remain convinced they are ‘peppery’, as do many others – those suggesting the words are actually ‘full of Cadbury goodness’ are clearly mistaken.

That little aside is probably of no interest to my Australian readers, but to me the Double Choc Caramel Tim Tam will be forever ‘peppery’, and jolly nice to boot. I’m going to give them an eight out of ten.


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