Tim Tam Peanut Butter Flavour

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timtampeanutpackGoodness me. So many new Tim Tams to try. When I originally heard about these, I assumed they were another Zumbo flavour, but they aren’t. It’s just a new range which I understand is exclusive to Coles supermarkets.

Normally I start off these reviews with some gentle chit-chat, perhaps some whimsical storytelling, before describing something about the biscuit, leading up to the ‘reveal’ of how it tasted. Well, today I’m going to do something a bit different, and start with the taste. So, let’s put it out there:

These biscuits are revolting.

timtampeanutSeriously. They are just so bad, I don’t know where to start. Should I mention that they have no peanut butter in them? No actual peanuts, even? Perhaps you’d like to know they smell nasty, like fetid socks? That they taste vaguely like burnt sesame seeds to start with,  quickly transforming into a unappetising artificial smoky flavour as you chew? That they leave a stale, oily residue in the mouth when you’ve finished them? That they have a most unattractive pale brown interior that looks like baby poo?

The exceptionally uninspirational Tim Tam White stands head and shoulders above this miserable effort. Given the choice, I’d choose a dreary BigTedz over one of these any day. What on earth are Arnott’s thinking? These are not just a bad Tim Tam. There’re not even just a bad biscuit by Arnott’s standards. They rate right down there with the worst cheap and nasty imported stuff you get in seasonal packaging on two-for-one offer in Dollar King. Unbelievable. Utterly unbelievable. And I am not alone in this opinion, as illustrated by the responses on Arnott’s facebook page:



Somehow I don’t see this range lasting very long. I’m hesitant even to give them a score, they are so execrable. Zero out of ten? Minus fifty out of ten?

Peanut Brownie Cookie

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Here’s a thing. Arnott’s hardly make any biscuits with nuts in. Strange really; you’d think this iconic Australian company would do more to showcase the macadamia nut, Australia’s only native contribution to commercial food crops. But nuts remain absent from most of their range. This is probably a good thing, at least in the Chillikebab household, as Mrs Chillikebab is allergic to nuts.

Perhaps Arnott’s don’t feel the need to add more nuts, as their legions of biscuit eaters are nutty enough already. I know I’ve been called a ‘biscuit nut’ often enough. (Oooh, that was lame, wasn’t it? Remind me to omit that joke from the premium, paid subscription version of my blog.)

Anyway, this week we look at one of the few in the range that does feature nuts – the Peanut Brownie Cookie. This is the third in the trio of ‘Homebake’ cookie range, the others being ‘Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Chocolate Chip Fudge’.
They present just like the others in the range; in a large bag, covered in a dusting of crumbs. They are a bit darker than the others in the range, but otherwise look very similar. Large pieces of peanut are not in evidence – what peanut there has been chopped into small pieces.

Now, when I think of brownies I think of something decadent, moreish and – most importantly – soft and squidgy. So I was interested to see how Arnott’s would incorporate this essence of brownie-ness into these biscuits.

I’m sad to report that the answer to that question is ‘they don’t’. These biscuits have exactly the same crunchy texture as the Chocolate Chip Cookie variety. They do have a chocolately taste, but without the chocolate chips of the original this is somewhat understated. And the peanuts really don’t do much – they are close to undetectable, which is a pity.

So these biscuits don’t really deliver on the promise. They are quite OK, and pleasant enough, but seeing as they lack both ‘brownie’ and ‘peanut’ characteristics, it’s hard to rate them really highly. On balance, probably better to stick with the regular Choc Chip variety. I’ll give these a six out of ten.

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