Chocolicious Bites – Original

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chocolicious_original_packIn a quite extraordinary turn of events, I just found this review languishing in my drafts folder. I say ‘review’, but really it was just this pack picture and a few notes. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that I last had an ‘original’ chocolicious bite i can barely remember it. I have, on the other hand, chomped through many packets of the dark chocolate variety, which should tell you something.

Of course, calling a new product ‘original’ is a bit of an oxymoron. What Arnott’s are trying to do is to leverage the ‘original’ Tim Tam product, so one would expect something with a similar construction and taste.

According to my notes and distant memories, this is exactly what they have achieved. these taste pretty much like regular Tim Tams, just bite-sized and in a fancy pack. So they are really quite OK, but lack all the sophistication of their dark chocolate brethren. Given they are more expensive than regular Tim Tams though, I’d suggest that if you are after an Original Tim Tim hit, just go and buy some Original Tim Tams.

So in summary, these are quite OK, but nothing interesting or special. A solid seven out of ten.


Tim Tam Original

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After reviewing both the White and Dark version of the Tim Tam, I have been under some pressure to look at the original version. Several Tim Tam aficionados have told me, often in no uncertain terms, that they are the absolute finest Tim Tams, and my neglecting of them is a travesty, and perhaps even a Crime Against Australia. They are wrong, of course; the Dark Tim Tam is the best one. However, I was recently given a pack of Tim Tam originals, so thought I would take the opportunity to look at them.

It wasn’t just a regular pack that I was given, but a much larger ‘Value Share’ pack. At first glance, this looks like a double pack of Tim Tams. However, this isn’t quite the case. Single Tim Tam packs contain eleven biscuits, but the ‘Value Share’ pack contains twenty. Now, a more cynical person may conclude that Arnott’s are attempting to pull the wool over the consumers’ eyes, seeking to create the impression that this is a cheap way to buy two packets, whilst in fact short-changing them to the tune of two Tim Tams. However, I am not that cynical, and think that actually Arnott’s are simply ensuring that the name of the pack can be lived up to – it is a ‘share’ pack, after all, and twenty divides much more neatly into portions (of two, four, five and ten biscuits) than would a pack with twenty-two (which would only divide into two or eleven).

These are the biscuits which set the pattern for TimTamness; namely two cocoa-flavoured biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate cream and then enrobed in milk chocolate. The biscuits are quite crumbly, and the cream filling quite generous, with a good chocolate coating – they are quite an indulgent treat.

But this is where the Original falls down against the ‘Original Dark’. Yes, it’s a delicious biscuit. However, it’s just too sweet. Even when taken straight from the fridge, you find yourself thinking ‘oooh, I must remember to put these in the fridge’, because they have that slightly too sweet and sickly effect that you get with room temperature chocolate. It’s not bad, but if you eat a whole packet of these, you tend to feel a bit sick – unlike the dark variety, which slip down a treat.

So, where does that leave us? Well, the Tim Tam Original is a very nice biscuit. It’s not quite as nice as the Tim Tam Dark, but is nicer than say the Monte.  And it’s much nicer than the execrable Tim Tam White, although that’s no real feat.



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