Nice weekend for a ride…

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Well, the tradition of wet long weekends continued last weekend, but that didn’t stop me getting out for a bit of a spin on Sunday morning. I met up with a mate, and we headed out west, towards Olympic Park.

Now, I’ve ridden to Olympic Park lots of times, and know various routes to get there. However, on Monday we got lost. Probably too much yakking and not enough paying attention to where we were. So we ended up riding along a fair stretch of Homebush Bay Drive. Whilst riding on what almost amounts to a freeway is never entirely comfortable, the traffic was fairly light – and there is something quite exhilarating about riding along a wide, smooth, straight road – especially when it has a slight downhill. Makes you realise just how good the trunk road network would be for cycling if only they banned those pesky cars!

We span (spinned? spun?) around OP for a bit; heading out on the paths to the ferry wharf. We got a bit lost again (!) but it didn’t really matter as we were just noodling around. Despite the rather poor weather, there were quite a few cyclists around. We then headed back at a good pace, finishing with a sprint up Lilyfield Road where I was rather embarrassingly dropped by my erstwhile riding partner. He’s got a lot faster since his daily commute more or less doubled in length, and he started talking all funny about ‘cadences’ and ‘interval training’. I’m going to need to put in some more hours on the bike to keep up!

Still, it was raining quite hard by this point, so I had the consolation of swishyness, whilst he had a wet bottom.

(For a final prize – where was the above photo taken? And it’s not good enough to just say ‘Olympic Park’. You need to be specific…)

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