Gigs, mutes and cargo bikes

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I had a big band gig tonight, and as usual packed up all my stuff onto the Radish to get there. Well, actually I loaded it up this morning, then rode to work, and then rode from work to the gig, which meant I did about fifteen kilometres further than necessary with twenty kilos of stuff on the back of the bike. Good for the legs, I suppose.

I had to go to the gig straight from work as we had a sound check at 5.30pm, prior to the guests arriving for pre-dinner drinks. We were due to play after dinner at around 8.30pm, but the speeches ran on and on. We didn’t actually start playing until about ten minutes to ten, and consequently played only about¬† third of the charts before the venue management told us we had to stop.

We did get given beers though, even thought they were explicitly excluded from the contract, so that was nice (although we did wonder if we would get a bill at the end of the night, Blues Brothers style…).

At the end of the gig I packed up my stuff back onto the bike and rode home (much to the amusement / admiration / disbelief of my fellow musicians). However, I must have been tired as I didn’t pack it very well, and as I got close to home my Harmon mute escaped from the panniers. It bounced along the road, thankfully not going under any car wheels. It does now have a nice scrape and a few dents, which is a pity. The frustrating part is, of course, that we didn’t play any numbers which actually called for the damn thing, so I could have left it at home!

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