Mr Men – Roger Hargreaves (with infographic!)

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mrtickleThe Mr Men. Or Mr. Men, as Hargreaves would have it. I remember them from my own childhood – I am pretty much a contemporary of them, and I recall how the number of Mr Men Characters grew as I went through primary school.

I have been reacquainted with them recently, as Little Girl Chillikebab was given the complete set – complete with presentation box – for her birthday. Accordingly, the antics of Mr Clumsy and the redemption of Mr Mean have become staples of bedtime story time. Actually, it really is quite remarkable how quickly a three-year-old can remember all the different characters. There are over forty of them, yet it seemed to take no time at all for my daughter to recognise every single one of them. She really enjoys them, which I suppose makes them a hit as children’s books – we read them over and over.

I, on the other hand, am starting to tire of them slightly. They are somewhat formulaic, and whilst reading them I find my mind wanders, and starts considering such matters as just how many of the books feature a Mr Man with an unpleasant character trait, and who by being taught a lesson by a variety of shopkeepers, farmers and wizards becomes a reformed character. And how many of them involve the Mr Man trying out lots of jobs before they hit on the perfect career.

Well, one evening when Mrs Chillikebab was out, those thoughts crystallised in my mind, and fuelled by several pints of Fullers London Pride (how our lives have been transformed since we discovered you can buy Real Ale online in Australia) I created this infographic to capture how the various Mr. Men plots, devices and ancillary characters come together in the books.




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