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Arnott's Jatz  boxChristmas. A time of good cheer, over-excited kids and, in our house at least, cheese. All sorts of cheese bulging out of the cheese box – blue veined, soft rinded, hard crumbly. Maybe it’s just us, but we always overdo the cheese.

Still, that at least gives me a chance to test some cheesy biscuits – and I’m going to start with the Arnott’s Jatz. The Jatz is a small round cracker that comes in a smart box, and is to all intents and purposes exactly the same as the Arnott’s Savoy, which comes in an identical box (and before the pedants jump in, yes, I know they are different – the Savoy has golden syrup vs malt extract in the Jatz. But still, to have two such similar lines in similar packaging is really the kind of thing only Arnott’s would do. We’ll return to the Savoy at some point in the future).

arnott's jatz biscuitThe Jatz is a small, round cracker with a sprinkling of salt on the top. This salt, together with the slightly sweet, crispy biscuit, makes them very munchable even without cheese. I’m a big fan of such snackable cheesy biscuits. In terms of cheese pairings, I suggest a soft cheese with chives, or perhaps a creamy blue. Yum. You get a good serve of Jatzs in the box, but it’s quite easy to much through the lot. Even my young daughter agrees, carefully selecting the last few Jatz from the cheese biscuit barrel whilst eschewing the rest.

The Jatz is a solid contender for Arnott’s. Highly snackable, tasty, moreish and good both with cheese and without. I like them, and am going to give them an eight out of ten.

Merry Christmas!

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