Arnott’s Bites – Mint Slice

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Arnott’s are at it again, fiddling with old ideas. Apparently they have re-branded the ‘Chocolicious‘ range simply as ‘bites’, and also changed the flavours. In shocking news, it seems the dark chocolate version is no more. This is a tragedy, as it was by far the best one. However, in more cheery news, the Mint Slice is now honoured with the chocolicous bite treatment.

To be honest, I was never a fan of the whole ‘chocolicious’ thing, a rather unfortunate portmanteau¬†that I previously blasted as ‘try hard and derivative’. ‘Bites’ is more to the point, although I now feel rather nostalgic for the old packaging, which I think did look more classy than the new, rather utilitarian design.

Enough of all that – how are the new Mint Slice versions? Well, the Mint Slice, as you will know, I believe to be Arnott’s finest creation. So I was pretty excited about these. The individual elements – the chocolate, the biscuit and the peppermint cream – are all there. But the proportions are way different. The chart below will give you the idea:

That’s a lot of chocolate. Chocolate dominates in this new format. That’s not all bad, as it’s Arnott’s delicious high quality dark chocolate, but it does rather unbalance the texture a bit; there’s not really enough biscuit to give textural contrast and structure. These are good, but not as good as the original. I’m going to give them an eight out of ten.

Arnott’s Salted Choc Slice

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The Mint Slice is an Australian icon. Ysalted choc slice packes, perhaps slightly overshadowed by it’s better known¬†Tim Tam brother, but to my mind actually a superior biscuit.

Arnott’s have taken this classic, and ‘twisted’ it, with an oh-so-trendy salted version, replacing the peppermint cream with what appears to be Tim Tam filling, enhanced with the addition of salt.

Salt seems to be the magic ingredient being added to all manner of confectionery and cakes at the moment. I suppose that making things even more unhealthy usually enhances the appeal. These biscuits rate a whole ‘0.5 out of 5’ stars on the Health Star Rating, so you know there’re going to be good.

salted choc slide biscuitAnd they are good. Smooth chocolaty cream, with just a hint of the salt at the end, on that rich biscuit base enrobed with thick dark chocolate. Oh yes, these are at least as addictive as the original. Eating a whole pack of these is waaaay to easy.

I’m giving them a nine and a half out of ten. Top stuff, Arnott’s.

Mint Slice

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What do you get when you cross an after dinner mint with a biscuit? Answer: Arnott’s Mint Slice. This is a very classy biscuit. A rich chocolate biscuit base, topped with peppermint cream (flavoured, as the pack proudly proclaims, with real peppermint oil) and finally enrobed in smooth dark chocolate. They even look classy, with their smooth chocolate coating and even layer of mint cream. Am I sounding like an advert? Apologies if I am, but I do rather like these biscuits. Indeed, to my mind they are nicer than the Tim Tam (there, I said it!), although I have a feeling I’m going to regret mentioning that.

Despite their richness, this is a biscuit that it is extremely easy to eat a whole packet of. Sit down with a packet of Mint Slices, and – whoooof! – they are all gone. I’m not the only person to comment on this; several friends have made the same observation. Indeed, it’s got so bad in the Chillikebab household that we have to have two packets of Mint Slices in the fridge, labelled separately for Mrs Chillikebab and myself. Mrs Chillikebab has such self control she can eat perhaps one or two biscuits at a time, and make a packet last for week. Occasionally I can make a packet last two days, but that’s very rare.

I’m going to go all out and give these a ten out of ten, although I’m not quite sure where that leaves me should an even better biscuit come on the scene.

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