Scotch Finger Lemon Butter

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Lemons are pretty awesome, when you think about it. They can enhance just about any style of cooking or eating – whether desert, main course or drink. They can lift a roast chicken, give zing to a meringue pie or complete a gin and tonic. Yes, I’m a fan of lemons.

Arnott’s have some form with lemons too. The Lemon Crisp is a god among biscuits. It is transcendent. If you’ve never tried one, go and buy some right now. They are addictive.

Funnily enough, there is a link between the Scotch Finger and the Lemon Crisp. When I reviewed the last ‘Twisted Fave’ Scotch Finger, the one with choc chips in it, I noted at the end of the review that they were good, but ‘nowhere near Lemon Crisp territory’. Did some Arnott’s employee read this, and did this create a subliminal link in their mind between Scotch Fingers and lemons, leading directly to this new variety?

Yes, it did. It surely did. It’s surely thanks to me that we have these biscuits.

And you can thank me effusively, because these are good. I really wasn’t sure how they were going to be; on the surface it seems kind of like an odd combo. But they work brilliantly. The lemon is, well, lemony; the bright flavour adding lifted notes to the rich biscuit. It’s like a rich lemon cheescake. I’m going to give these an eight out of ten. Good show, Arnott’s. Oh, and feel free to send me a few cases by way of thanks for the inspiration…



The mighty Lemon Crisp

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Yes, folks, here it is. The biscuit review you’ve all been waiting for – Arnott’s Lemon Crisp.

The Lemon Crisp is part of Arnott’s cream biscuit line which includes Orange Slices and Shortbread Creams. The packaging is similar; the rectangular pack contains 19 biscuits, which are presented in a plastic tray to prevent them getting damaged. So far, all pretty standard stuff – this is going to be a pretty regular lemony biscuit, you are thinking. Well, the Lemon Crisp is far from that; it has an extraordinary secret that is not immediately obvious on visual inspection. But we will come to this…

Each biscuit is about 60mm long and 32mm wide; the overall depth is 13mm, with the filling comprising 2.5mm of that thickness (quick maths question; assuming each biscuit in the sandwich is of equal thickness, how thick is just one of the sandwich biscuits? First to answer receives a pack of Lemon Crisps through the post). The are quite attractive, with an even, light-brown bake that is glistens slightly with what looks like sugar. The pack suggests the filling is kind of piped by hand in attractive swirls; in reality it’s more evenly applied. Perhaps the package photography was done on an engineering sample that was created by hand, prior to the mechanisation of production.

It is when you eat a Lemon Crisp that it’s secret is revealed. As you bring it closer to your mouth, you can smell the attractive* lemony fragrance. As you bite into it, the biscuit crumbles quite easily; the texture is akin to a TUC biscuit (for the English readers) – very open textured. And, just then, it hits you. They are not sprinkled with sugar. It is salt.

This, I have to say, is biscuitry genius. Whoever the person was who, on finalising the recipe for the Lemon Crisp, said – ‘Hmmm, that’s not bad – but what it needs is salt’, well, I bow to them. It is truly inspired. The filling is creamy and sweet with a distinct lemon tang (which comes from real lemon oil, rather than artificial flavour). The crispy biscuit is sweet and moreish. But the salt. Oh my goodness, the salt. It just defies description. It is awesome.

After you have finished your Lemon Crisp, you lick your lips. They have the merest hint of salt on them, whilst the lemon flavour lingers on the palate. And you reach for another one. And then another. You have to. I’m surprised Arnott’s aren’t forced to put an ‘addictive substance’ warning on these biscuits, and restrict sales to minors.

Well, I have to end there. I can no longer type; the biscuits are open, and I am going to retire to a chair to eat the entire packet. I know, I should be strong. But in the face of such a sensory onslaught, I am helpless. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……


*Mrs Chillikebab hates the smell of them. Says they smell like washing up liquid. Bah.

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