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You’d think, as a successful blogger and cycling activiste, I would be showered with freebies and samples of all sorts of things from companies eager to see their products tried and reviewed on these august pages.

Well, you’d be wrong. I’ve never got so much as a pot of chamois cream (or custard creams, for that matter). Now, I realise that, in general, in order to get such goodies you have to have a blog that people actually read. And it probably helps if you’re not a nutter who keeps going off about helmets, and seems to end up in court rather regularly. But still. Come on, people.

Anyway, there other day I did get a genuine freebie, courtesy of my friend Andrew. Unlike me, he is talented, and is one of the owners of the chic design agency ‘TheOtherDimension‘. They design all sorts of things, from logos to widgets. (And I note in a nice synergy they have invented things for Arnott’s. I wonder if they get free custard creams?)

Andrew is a cyclist, and was frustrated that he couldn’t find a cycling jersey that had the commuter features he wanted but which didn’t look like something you’d wear to a night roadworks party. So he brought his considerable design talents to bear, and created one.

He was kind enough to send me one, and I have to say it is terrific. Apparently it has all these clever features (like hi-viz exactly and only where it needs to be for maximum effect, high-tec reflecto fabric stuff and infinitely large back pockets), but I just like it because it’s super comfy and looks great.

I have no idea if you can buy them. If you can, I suggest you do. But if not, ha ha. You see, that’s the kind of exclusive-blogger-lifestyle that I now lead, with my super-exclusive bespoke jersey. Oh yeah.

Posh new jersey

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I recently attended a gathering of folks from the web forum. As you might expect, we met up in a pub, and there was much geeky talk about bikes, endless surprise at meeting the real manifestation of various online personae (goodness, MichaelO really is tall, isn’t he!?) and beer. Oh, and the Tour de France was on the big screen. All lots of fun, in a nerdy kind of way. And there were lucky door prizes.

And I got lucky, and won a jersey from Australian cycling wear manufacture Babici. Very exciting, since I never usually win anything I actually want (although I do have a knack for winning things I don’t; over the years I’ve bagged such items as a strange tapestry, a miniature slow cooker and a dozen lavender scented candles). I didn’t really know very much about Babici, but the prize was basically any jersey from their range. So I went online and had a look. Goodness! These things cost over $150! What cycling clothes I own are all own-name brands bought from discount retailers in the sale. This was to be my first experience of ‘high end’ cycling clothes. I chose the ‘Italo’ version, and fancied once wearing it I could hang out nonchalantly in coffee shops in the manner of the model in the catalogue.

After making my selection it arrived a few days later, together with a very nice hand-written note from the Babici guys, which was a lovely touch. It also came in its own special cloth bag. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever had an item of clothing before that came in anything other than a plastic bag.

A few days later, I wore it on my ride to work, on a morning where I had time to take the long way round, in order to test it properly. It was a lovely day; quite cool but sunny. Perfect weather for a winter jersey. Although, saying that, I actually only own one other long sleeved jersey, and don’t wear it much as I inevitably end up getting too hot – even in cold weather. So normally I just use arm warmers and end up taking them off after fifteen minutes. Was I going to get to hot in my new jersey too?

Well, there obviously is something in this expensive clothing lark, as I didn’t. The weight and breatheability of the fabric was perfect, and I was very comfortable for my whole ride – not too cold at the start, and not to hot when I got going. Actually, I have to say my new jersey is very comfortable to wear. Much more comfortable than anything else in my rather daggy collection. Perhaps I have been practising false economy over the years, and rather having a bulging drawer of tatty jerseys costing $50 each, I should just invest in fewer good ones.

Anyway, it’s a lovely piece of clothing, and I shall wear it often. I took a pic of me modelling it, and thought it paired very well with a particularly shiny pair of $15 knicks from Torpedo7. (If you click on the picture you can see a larger one, so you can see the details on the jersey better. Or ogle my crotch, as you prefer.)

Hmmm. Perhaps I need up upgrade the rest of my cycling wardrobe. And get a fancy Italian bike. Maybe then I’ll be break into the exclusive world of catalogue-modelling, espresso-sipping cycling stylistas. Still, I bet he couldn’t ride up Awaba St on a fixie

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