Sunday morning ride

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I was about here when I seriously began to question my choice of bike for an early-morning ride with a friend. Sunday morning rides have become very sporadic since the arrival of Baby Chillikebab, but two weeks or so ago morning I managed to get out for a ride. I was meeting a mate at 7am in Pyrmont, but he was a bit late leaving me standing around in the freezing cold. He then texted me the reason – ‘doing dump; taking longer than expected’. Ahhh. The all-important pre-ride poo. Still, probably too much information.

When he finally arrived we decided to head north, so first went out to check the surf at Manly before circling back around French’s Forest. We were kind of following our noses without having a real route planned, and turned onto Warringah Rd in order to head back towards Sydney with some vague plan to head for Chatswood. As the road dropped down and down we gathered speed, me pedalling like the clappers and my friend cruising along in fine style. (Eventually he got bored and sped off at about 80kph, leaving me tailing along behind.) However, as the road went down, I suddenly remembered where we were. ‘It’s Roseville bridge’, I thought, and sure enough suddenly there it was. Lovely views, but I didn’t enjoy them much as I’d also remembered the road climbing pretty steeply on the other side.

I’d hardly started on the incline and things started to feel bad. I even entertained the thought that I might have a flat, so suddenly did I find it tough going. Not a god time to bonk. I struggled on upwards, the only thing keeping me going was the sight of my mate up ahead, spinning the pedals in fine style. ‘He is not going to see me walking!’ I muttered, grinding the cranks round and round.

Of course, it was worth it. What elation getting to the top! I love my fixie. We cruised on along, through Chatswood, back down to North Sydney and then into the city, stopping for a celebratory coffee in Pyrmont. What a lovely day for a ride!

And the reward when getting home, of course, is vegemite toast. Bread for the carbs, slathered with butter for the calories and vegemite for the salt. All washed down with a mug of tea. Lovely!

The Mosman Hills…

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What a lovely day for a ride! I managed to get out for a ride this morning – first time since the little one arrived. The logistics are all a bit more complicated now…

So I met up with a mate, and we rode out to Mosman, and down to Taronga Zoo, with two side trips down (and up!) to Bradley’s Head and Clifton Gardens. Then back in a loop via Lane Cove. A few reasonable hills to help work off the chocolate…

And, being a nice day, a chance to take the fixie for a spin. It is fun!

Not that my mate is convinced about the fixie. In his world, bikes have gears and are made by Masi! I think he was getting a bit frustrated at my inability to go down the hills at 60kph. When you can’t stop pedalling, there’s a point where you can’t spin your legs fast enough on the descent. That said, I did go up the hills faster than him!

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