Premier Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Arnott’s make quite a few different varieties of Chocolate Chip Cookies, and these ones are the ‘Premier’ variety. They come in a smart box, rather than a packet, and inside the box the biscuits are packed in a plastic tray. This means they lack the dusting of crumbs which usually seems to appear on most Chocolate Chip Cookies – something that seems rather strange, like seeing an old friend naked for the first time.

Arnott’s do not hold back in their description. These are ‘Australia’s BEST choc chip cookie’, and promise a ‘heavenly eperience’. They contain a full 40% chocolate (compared to the measly 13% in the regular ones); I have seen it suggested that this is the maximum amount of chocolate you can put in without the biscuit dough not being able to hold the cookie together, although I am sceptical of this claim. 40% seems a very round number to be some kind of natural upper limit.

Clearly they have fans. There is a facebook page devoted to them, and even Arnott’s employees rate them highly. So am I been churlish by saying I was rather underwhelmed? They really didn’t seem much different to any other brand of choc chip cookie, to be honest. Yes, perhaps a bit more chocolate, but not so much that it really stands out; if you served these up without showing the packet I doubt people would particularly comment on the high chocolate content.

I think the problem is that the chocolate chunks are too small; they are the same as the chips used in the other varieties (indeed, I’m fairly confident the recipe is exactly the same, just with more chocolate chips poured into the machine). This means you don’t really get a full-one chocolatey experience in they way that you do with cookies that have large chunks of chocolate that need to be chewed into pieces.

So all in all, a bit of a disappointment. Tasty, yes, but not quite up to the star billing on the packet. I’m going to give these a seven out of ten.

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