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This biscuit was introduced by Arnott’s in the 1960s, although when introduced it was called the ‘Golliwog’. When I was a toddler I had a golliwog soft toy that my mum made for me – it was almost as big as me, and I loved it and took it everywhere.

Unfortunately, the name ‘Golliwog’ has taken on racist and offensive overtones, so around fifteen years ago Arnott’s re-branded this line ‘Scalliwag’. The pack is decorated not just with a picture of the biscuits, but with jolly Scalliwags dancing around, leaving footsteps and musical notes behind them. (apparently Arnott’s at one time even made enamel badges featuring this character).

So what are they like? Well, they are neatly embossed with a smiling Scallywag. There’s a lot in a packet too – twenty three, in fact(continuing Arnott’s penchant for having a prime number of biscuits in each pack). They are quite thin, and when you open the pack you are presented with a tightly packed platoon of Scalliwags, all facing the same way.

For anyone who has ever had a bourbon cream biscuit, these are like the biscuit part of one of those, without the cream filling and the sugar sprinkles. They are flavoured with cocoa, although this is not all that distinct as a flavour, and are actually a bit kind of nothingy. They dunk fairly well though, and go down nicely with a cup of tea.

I suppose, like all such novelty eateries, the question is whether you bite off the head first, or the body. I have to say, I did get a kind of juvenile satisfaction in dipping the head of my Scalliwag into hot tea before biting it off. Lets say five out of ten.

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