Eco and not so eco…

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We’ve recently started buying vegetables from Sydney Food Connect; a social enterprise that aims to connect farmers to urban consumers. One of the nice things about it (apart from the delicious produce) is the way that the number of ‘food kilometres’  is noted on each item, with the aim being to keep the average lower than 100km. Who’d have thought that there were tomato and mandarin farms only 57km away from Sydney City Centre?

Of course, I go and pick up our vegetable box each week on my bike – this means the veg gets a few extra kilometres, albeit a very eco friendly few kilometres.

To balance this, however, I also recently picked up a double load of fossil fuel on the Radish. This made for quite a heavy load to get back up the hill to where we live; I got a few double takes as I slowly made my way along the road!

Radish gas!

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I had occasion to add something else to the list of things I’ve carried on the Radish yesterday. I needed a new gas bottle for the BBQ (and if you were wondering why I was barbecuing in the rain, it’s because our oven has broken, and we had a chicken that needed roasting), so rather than jumping in the car I took the Radish.

With the tie-down straps I got to transport the folder on the back the other week, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities!

I was on my way up to the servo, and there was a family waiting to cross the road as I went by. The dad said to the little ones, ‘Watch out for the cars – wait for the bike… the bike… wow!’, and his voice tailed off in surprise as he watched me sail by complete with gas bottle. Perhaps he thought I was on a gas-powered bike!

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