New Years Resolutions

January 30, 2012 at 09:27 | Posted in bicycles | 2 Comments
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I make the same New Years Resolution each year. I vow that I will somehow find more time to practise my trombone, ride my bike more, and eat fewer biscuits. I never succeed, but at least it means I still have something to aim for the following year; after all if I were to actually manage it in 2012, what would I do in 2013?

One resolution I don’t have to make, of course, is to ride to work more often, because I already ride to work all the time. However, it seems some people are considering it for 2012. I have heard a few people in the office talking about it; including a hilarious conversation between someone who gets the train from Paddington, vs someone who drives from Newtown. Both of them were bemoaning the time it took them to get to work (up to an astonishing 45 minutes!). The office, by the way, is in the CBD – probably ten minutes by bike to both locations. Heck, I could probably give one of them a lift home on the Radish faster than they manage it today.

But is all this talk turning into action? Well, it seems like it might be. The combination of the new CBD bike lanes (thanks Clover!) and the need to reverse the effects of seasonal over-indulgences seems to be working, and the bike rack in the basement car park has been full every day since early January. It’s great to see, and I hope they all keep it up.

Of course, it’s still really rather pitiful; there are about thirty spots to park bikes, and the building houses perhaps three thousand people. So that’s only about one percent of them arriving by bike. However it’s a start, and hopefully momentum will continue to grow.

Full O’Fruit

February 20, 2011 at 15:04 | Posted in biscuits | 1 Comment
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Well here’s a fascinating thing. This biscuit has a lot in common with this one. The same claim to lots of ‘real fruit’. The same long, flat slab. However, there are two differences. The Sultana Choc is covered in chocolate, and is good for you. The Full O’Fruit lacks the chocolate, but makes no claims to healthiness. Is this proof that chocolate is healthy and good for you? This could be the information that Mrs Chillikebab has been searching for!

A closer inspection reveals that there are other more subtle differences. The Full O’Fruit is slightly shorter, at only 19cm, The biscuit has a softer texture, which means this biscuit rather lacks structure. And the fruit seems somehow less succulent.

This is clearly Arnott’s out to deliver the exception to prove the rule that ‘healthy’ biscuits are inferior to their full-fat cousins. There’s nothing wrong with the Full O’Fruit; they are quite pleasant. But they are not a great biscuit – if you want my advice, stick to the ‘Snack Right’ variety. I’m going to give these a five out of ten.


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