Chocolate chip fudge cookie

November 11, 2011 at 11:11 | Posted in biscuits | Leave a comment
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Along with the regular Chocolate Chip Cookie, Arnott’s also bake a ‘fudge’ variety. They are packed in the same sort of bag, and look superficially similar, albeit perhaps slightly darker.

Now I have to say I’m not really a great fan of fudge. It’s kind of like toffee that didn’t quite make it. And chocolate fudge is probably my least favourite. But I tried to put that aside as I sampled the these cookies.

Unfortunately, my prejudices were confirmed. These biscuits seem less chocolaty than the regular choc chip cookies; somewhat over-sweet and cloying.

They also seem to lack chocolate chips; the picture on the pack seems to promise big chunks of chocolate, but these were notable absent from the biscuits in my review pack.

So not really a great success; probably best to stick to the original version. I’m going to give these a five out of ten.


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