Sultana Fruit Slice

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The Snack Right Sultana Fruit Slice. A biscuit that reminds us of Italian feats of derring do; of swashbuckling adventures on the high seas, a handsome hero entering into battle and overthrowing tyrannical monarchies, stealing the hearts of beautiful women along the way and being feted by society figures across the world.

You don’t get all of that? Well, you should, as the Snack Right Sultana Fruit Slice is a Garibaldi biscuit, plain and simple. I don’t know why the Garibaldi name never caught on in Australia, but the combination of lots of sultanas squashed between two layers of soft biscuit is a classic, right down to the large slabs it comes in, with each slab being marked into five pieces for home disassembly.

The strange thing about this biscuit is that Arnott’s make another very similar product, but one that is not marked as ‘Snack Right’. Kind of  ‘Snack Wrong’, if you will. And indeed, the Snack Right product is the better of the two; juicier sultanas, a more structured, moreish biscuit and it seems better for you too.

Go and grab a red cape and sword and give them a go. They are really rather good. I’m going to give these a nine out of ten. (And don’t miss the chocolate coated version either).


Wild Berry Fruit Pillow

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Wild Berry Fruit Pillow. There’s something rather evocative about that name, almost Shakespearean. What’s that bit from ‘Macbeth‘? Ah yes, that’s right:

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:
There sleeps Titania as the sweet winds billow,
Lull’d in rest on a wild berry pillow.

This romantically named biscuit is the sister of the Spicy Fruit Roll, although filled with jam rather than Christmas. Are the berries truly wild? I’m not sure, but in any case this is a slightly underwhelming biscuit. The filling is really just more kind of ‘sweet and vaguely fruity’, and the roll part is a bit anaemic too.

I somehow can’t imagine these going down too well at a faerie tea party – I doubt they would compare well to purple grapes and honey bags. Probably better than dry oats, though. I’d give these a five out of ten.

Full O’Fruit

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Well here’s a fascinating thing. This biscuit has a lot in common with this one. The same claim to lots of ‘real fruit’. The same long, flat slab. However, there are two differences. The Sultana Choc is covered in chocolate, and is good for you. The Full O’Fruit lacks the chocolate, but makes no claims to healthiness. Is this proof that chocolate is healthy and good for you? This could be the information that Mrs Chillikebab has been searching for!

A closer inspection reveals that there are other more subtle differences. The Full O’Fruit is slightly shorter, at only 19cm, The biscuit has a softer texture, which means this biscuit rather lacks structure. And the fruit seems somehow less succulent.

This is clearly Arnott’s out to deliver the exception to prove the rule that ‘healthy’ biscuits are inferior to their full-fat cousins. There’s nothing wrong with the Full O’Fruit; they are quite pleasant. But they are not a great biscuit – if you want my advice, stick to the ‘Snack Right’ variety. I’m going to give these a five out of ten.


Spicy Fruit Roll

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The Spicy Fruit Roll contains 45% ‘real’ fruit. I’ve always wondered about this. Are there biscuits out there that contain artificial fruit? If something was simply labelled ‘45% fruit’, should I be cynical and suspicious and assume the fruit is counterfeit?

Either way, we can rest assured in this case, as the Spicy Fruit Roll contains raisins, sultanas, and currants, as well as citrus peel. And the difference between raisins, sultanas and currants, as you all know, is that raisins are dried grapes, sultanas are married to sultans and currants are what flow around electrical circuits. <Boom tish>, I’m here all week.

The biscuit consists of a fairly soft outer ‘roll’ that is crimped at the edges. The amount of filling is, I think, slightly less generous than depicted on the packet, but the balance of filling to biscuit is about right. So what do they taste like?

In a word, they taste like Christmas. You know; log fires, carollers, mulled wine and so on. There is definitely spices going on there – perhaps nutmeg and cinnamon. And there’s also something else; a hint of aftershave, perhaps, that actually enhances the evocation of Christmas. They are not a seasonal line and are available all year round, but I have to say eating a Spicy Fruit Roll in, say, August, would be a discombobulating experience.

So I would give them an eight out of ten in December, but only a four out of ten for the rest of the year.

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