Have trombone, will travel

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On Saturday, I was playing for the crowds gathered in the FIFA Fan Fest at Darling Harbour. Well, I say crowds; there actually weren’t many people there. This probably had something to do with the fact that neither the bar nor any of the food outlets were open.
Anyway, given that Darling Harbour isn’t far away, I thought it was an excellent chance to try transporting my trombone (and related paraphernalia – music, mutes, beer etc) on the Radish. So I strapped the ‘bone on the back of the bike, and set off. I didn’t want to get changed when I arrived, so I was wearing the band outfit – black shirt and pants, dress shoes and an orange tie**. I got a lot of strange looks going over ANZAC Bridge; I wasn’t sure whether they were directed at the bike, the trombone on the back or my outfit.

It was pretty heavy, and of course the weight is higher than in the panniers. Still it handled pretty well, and i didn’t work up too much of a sweat going up the hills. The security guard at the entrance to the FIFA enclosure did give me a suspicious look as I rode in, but when I explained I was with the band, he waved me through.

The other band members were a bit incredulous too; there had been some email exchanges about sharing lifts, and I had mentioned I was going by bicycle. ‘Did you actually come by bicycle?’ one of them asked. Kinda strange when my two hobbies collide; I guess my cycling friends don’t see me playing much and my musician friends rarely see me on a bike. Although that may change, now that I’ve successfully taken the trombone for a ride. Rehearsals are in Lane Cove though, so getting over Gladesville Bridge on the Radish with all that weight might be a challenge (although one I shall have to attempt)!

The other cool thing about the event was having the band name up in lights. I was hoping there would be a cameraman to project close-ups of us to our teeming fans as we played, but sadly there was not. Still, luckily there was a crush-barrier to prevent us getting mobbed by the, erm, dozens of people listening…

**all sing together now… ‘..orange coloured ties…’ We did have that song in the set list, but had to drop it as we ran out of time.

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