The chocolate egg effect

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What a lovely, warm morning it was yesterday! And I think it also there was evidence that the citizens of Sydney ate too much chocolate over the long weekend.

Why? The sheer number of cycle commuters out there. There were just hundreds of them. It was a marvellous sight to see. I hope that it is sustained, and it’s not just everyone waking up after a weekend of over-indulgence feeling guilty and jumping on their bikes. As I look at the number of cyclists, however, and look at the width of the cycleways they are building on Union and Kent St, I am increasingly convinced that they are too narrow for the volume of cyclists out there today, let along how many there will be if the CoS is successful in increasing cycling five-fold. Hopefully when they are seen to be clogged up, they will remove a traffic lane in the other direction as well, and convert them to single-direction, one on each side of the road (a design which, in any case, is far superior and also much safer).

Shake-the-head moment that happened on my commute this morning – the guy who decided to ride down the ramp at the Sydney Harbour Bridge steps, despite the large number of bikes being walked up and down (there was even a queue at the bottom waiting to get up the stairs). People had to kind of scatter out of his way. Someone remonstrated with him (I didn’t hear what they said, so it may well have not been pleasant language), and our downhill hero shouted something back and flipped the bird. All rather unnecessary; surely when it’s that busy it’s not that big a deal to walk down, both for your own safety and the safety of others? Funnily enough later on he almost ran into the back of me when I stopped at a junction to wait for a gap in the traffic.

Smile moment on the commute this morning; waiting at the lights I see a guy riding the same bike as me – a Salsa Casseroll singlespeed. I pull up next to him, and comment, ‘Nice bike!’.
He laughed and agreed, and then, looking at me again, said, ‘You were the guy that recommended it to me – we had a chat at the lights a few months ago about riding singlespeed, so I went out and bought one!’.
Amazing! I did vaguely recollect the incident. ‘Do you like it?’ I asked, with a little trepidation, wondering if the guy was going to tell me that I’d caused him to blow $1,500 on a lemon.
‘I love it!” he said’ “It’s rapidly becoming my favourite bike! Just so smooth and lots of fun. I have a Cervelo road bike, but I’m finding I’m mostly riding this, as I prefer it!’.

Another convert! Yay! Ride and Smile, folks, Ride and Smile!

(Yes, that is rust on my chain. I’m a shocker for maintenance…!)

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