Butternut Snap Cookies

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The Butternut Snap Cookie is, I think, the companion biscuit to the Choc Ripple. It comes in the same sort of packaging, and is the same size and texture. Rather than cocoa, however, this biscuit is flavoured with coconut and golden syrup. It’s made with a good proportion of butter, giving it a rich, butterscotch flavour.

However, it does share the Choc Ripple’s bizarre tendency to going stale within about two minutes. Not that they are unpleasant when they do so, however they quickly become rather less ‘Butternut Snap’ and rather more ‘Butternut Chew’.

They dunk into tea rather well, changing to a slightly gooey, chewy richness.

There’s not a lot more to say about them, really. I actually rather like them – they are a great everyday biscuit that hold up well against other more expensive varieties of ‘cookie’ that one sees sold in boxes.

Why is it, by the way, that ‘luxury’ biscuits are sold in boxes? It seems to be a universal rule. In the UK, for example, the McVities Digestive is a very everyday biscuit, and is sold in a normal pack. However, McVities clearly saw an option to play on the heritage and ‘importedness’ of them in Australia, and they are sold here in a box (with a criminal price mark-up, I might add).

Anyway, the Butternut Snap is very nice. Eight out of ten.

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