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April 3, 2011 at 19:36 | Posted in bicycles | 1 Comment
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One of the things I like about the area of Sydney where I live is that rather than chuck stuff away, people leave it out on the footpath for a while first. It’s amazing how much stuff gets carted off by people to be re-used; I’ve got rid of all sorts of things this way, and its much more satisfying that putting it in the trash or taking it to the tip.

I generally don’t collect stuff from the side of the road as we hoard enough already, but we went to the park for a picnic today, and saw a rather handsome solid wood table out on the pavement which we thought might fit in the kitchen. So I went back later that afternoon to pick it up.  It was still there; and needless to say I went on the Radish.

I strapped the table on the back safe and sound, and rode home. As I rode back I was reflecting on how much easier and quicker it was than driving; if I had taken the car I would have had to go around the one-way system to get there, find a place nearby to park, carry the table to the car (and it was quite heavy), put the back seats down to get it in (possibly having to remove Baby Chillikebab’s seat first), then circle back via the one way system to get home to do it all in reverse to unload.

As it was I rode right up to where the table was on the footpath, loaded it up in about thirty seconds, then road straight home, pushing my bike right up to the back door to unload it next to the kitchen. I’m fairly confident, though, that most people if asked the question ‘what is the most convenient way to transport a small table‘ would unthinkingly answer ‘by car‘. People are so blinded by automobile headlights that they fail to see that there are other – often better – options.


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