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tim tam orange packHold the front page! News alert! There is a new Tim Tam in town – and if that wasn’t enough excitement, there’s also a new packaging format! Oh my goodness, I can barely contain myself. After months of boredom in the biscuit department (that led me to start looking at cheesy biscuits) this is exceptionally exciting. Well, for me at least.

Let’s start with the new packaging. Arnott’s have taken it upon themselves to create a new ‘treat pack’ size, containing five Tim Tams. This seems to represent part of their continuing drive to break into the snack market – you will remember this innovation from a few months ago, which doesn’t seem to have been a great success, given that it is now rarely sighted in supermarket aisles.tim tam orange inner tray

I think this new idea could be a winner; small enough to grab as a snack, probably thinking you will share the biscuits with someone, but few enough in the pack that in reality you’ll just scoff the lot yourself. Apparently the launch of this new size has been supported by a bus roaming around Australia handing then out. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have stopped in my street yet, but I’m hopeful that I’m on their agenda.

tim tam orange biscuitAnd now to the real news – the new flavour. It seems the Choc Orange flavour is available exclusively in this new size, so you can’t buy a standard pack of them. Further research shows that this is not really a new flavour; more of a revival of an older model. Prior to 2006 you could buy Choc Orange Tim Tams in regular packs, but they then vanished off the shelves. Whether these are exactly the same recipe as the ones sold nearly ten years ago I can’t be sure, but I suspect they could be. I wonder why they were withdrawn, and what makes Arnott’s feel now is the time to bring them back? So many questions!

So what do they taste like? Well, they are made with dark chocolate, which is a promising start, and flavoured with real orange oil. And they are quite good; dark chocolate and orange is a classic combo, and these do capture that kind of 1980’s retro feel. However, if I have one complaint it is that they capture it a bit too well; they certainly take you back to a land of restaurant sweet trolleys and frozen gateaux but they also capture a bit too much of that 80s brashness. The orange creme is a bit sweet and full on and rather overpowers the smooth chocolate.

Still, definitely worth a go for the novelty value. I’m going to give these a six out of ten.

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