The fixie is back

July 11, 2012 at 20:58 | Posted in bicycles | 3 Comments
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Well, my beloved fixie has emerged from rocket surgery and is back on the road, after all the issues I had with the forks, and then various delays getting it sorted.

Thanks to the nice people at Salsa and Dirtworks I have a shiny new set of forks; after hearing my tale of woe they came through and replaced them for free, even though they were out of warranty. Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

The front rim was almost worn through and the front hub bearings were also shot beyond repair. So in the end I got a completely new front wheel too. This means the whole front of the bike has now been replaced – and it’s especially obvious as replacement forks were only available in black. I suspect this means anyone looking at my bike will probably tut tut to themselves and mutter ‘must have had a stack and trashed the front of his bike’. Still, I can live with that, as it’s great to be back in the saddle.

I went the long way round to get to work the other morning, to have a bit more of a ride, and all was well – just so much fun blasting up the hills (as opposed to crawling up on the Radish!). Hurrah, I love my fixie. Ride and Smile, everyone!!!

Getting a divorce and selling the wife…

January 9, 2011 at 10:10 | Posted in bicycles | 1 Comment
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I decided to sell the wife over Christmas. It call came about because my head was turned; I was led astray by a newer, sexier model. Yes, I was browsing around a bike shop before Christmas and I saw the Kona Sutra. It was love at first sight. I admired the sloping top tube, the sturdy lines, the disc brakes. A true touring bike, itching for an adventure. And I wanted one. I really wanted one.

I then spent some time thinking. The wife is pretty much a touring bike. She has a study rack, and takes panniers. And with a ten month old baby, I’m hardly likely to be heading off into the hills for an adventure any time soon. But I realy want a new bike. Perhaps not the Sutra, but something. I now have the Peugeot back in good shape for ‘road’ cycling (what ever that is), and have the Radish for grocery getting, so the wife only really gets used when I need to take stuff into work.

I came to my conclusion. I wanted a divorce. For whatever reason, the Casseroll triple wasn’t doing it for me; I wanted a new bike and something had to go to make room. We’d had a lot of good times together, enjoyed it while it lasted, but it was time to move on.

Accordingly, I put her up for auction on eBay. For a great price (or so I thought). The days ticked by and there were no bids. I got a lot of watchers, though. ‘A-ha!’ I thought. Evidently seasoned eBay snipers wre out in force to snaffle a bargain at the last moment.

The auction entered its final minutes. Still nothing. The final minute. Goodness, these snipers really do leave it late! The final few seconds – come on!

And then it was over. Zero bids. The wife was unsold. Wrong price? Wrong time of year? Wrong description? Who knows. But the itch is still there, so sometime soon I need to find someone who will take her on, love, cherish and ride her. If that person could be you, please let me know!

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