The view from behind…

February 24, 2011 at 22:13 | Posted in bicycles | 1 Comment
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I like to think I am on the cutting edge of bike fashion, but there seems to be new craze out there which I have not yet adopted. It is the ‘bum hanging out of your shorts’ look. Almost every ride over the last few days has involved riding behind someone who has adopted this style.

Not that I mind; I’m all for feeling free and letting it all hang out. Although the rather hairy backside of the guy I followed over Anzac Bridge last night wasn’t the best view in Sydney; the image on the left is from tonight’s ride home over the Harbour Bridge and was much more attractive.

Is this a look I should be emulating? Does a cool breeze over the derriere make for a more pleasant ride in hot weather? Is it more visible in traffic? Your thoughts would be welcome!


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