Tim Tam Toffee Apple

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Atim tam toffee apple packnother day, another Tim Tam flavour. I feel a little sad about all this, actually. A new Tim Tam flavour used to be a major event. Something pretty seismic. Certainly worthy of significant excitement.

tim tam toffee apple biscuitBut now, well, some of that is gone. Flavours come and go, and unless you are quick you might not even realise it before it disappears again, only to be replaced by yet another. What used to be something sweated over; the evolution of a cultural icon, now seems to be a mere pawn in the commercial objectives to keep major supermarkets onside. Exhibit a) – these are only available in Woolies.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get maudlin there. Let’s get into this.

For me, toffee apples are associated with Halloween. Generally they consist of cheap hard caramel over an even cheaper apple, jammed on a stick. I haven’t had one for years, but I think the generally accepted way to eat them is to chew off the toffee bit whilst aiming for minimal apple consumption, and then throw the apple away.

So how does this new Tim Tam measure up? Well, the inside is a rather startling red colour, I suppose to evoke the look of a red apple. They do have an applely (appley? Applee?) aroma. To taste they sort of do taste like cheap apple with cheap caramel, so I suppose they do evoke those childhood Halloween memories.

I’m doing them a bit of a disservice. They are actually not too bad. A bit over sweet, perhaps, and without a great deal of depth, Definitely not a classic. But far from offensive. I’m going to give them a five out of ten.



Tiny bike to the rescue!

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You may remember my tiny bike. Well, I haven’t ridden it much, for perhaps obvious reasons. I did ride it to work one day with a savage hangover (somehow I thought it might be a good idea, and felt a bit shaky to be clipped in), but other than that it’s mainly be sitting in the shed.

However, this evening it came into it’s own, and, at least in my mind, justified its purchase. To understand this, you need to know that Mrs Chillikebab is eight months pregnant. And she needed an apple. NOW. And we didn’t have any.

What to do? A trip to the shop was needed, and fast! Obviously riding there was the way to go. The fixie? Didn’t want to bother with silly shoes. The tourer? Still need silly shoes, and then the thought of panniers to carry everything and a lock seemed too much. The pug? Possibly a better choice, as it has flat pedals, but for various reasons it’s stuck at work. So the little bike it was! I wheeled it out from the back of the shed, put some air in the tyres (they had gone very soft – such neglect!) and off we went.

And what fun! Pedalling along, sitting proudly upright, feeling the cooling evening breeze. The first stop was the grocery. Too late! It had shut. Woolies it would have to be. I pedalled along Darling Street on my little bike, getting admiring (I’m sure they were admiring) looks from the people eating in the pavement restaurants. Whizzed down the hill feeling the wind in my hair, with even a taxi overtaking me on a blind bend not spoiling my mood.

Prop the bike up on it’s kick stand outside the shop, Into Woolies, buy the precious apple (Granny Smith. It has to be a Granny Smith!), and then back on the little bike and pedalling home.

Mrs Chillikebab was very grateful. Lots of brownie points there! What I didn’t tell her was how much fun I had…

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