Back and angry…

February 23, 2019 at 10:10 | Posted in bicycles | 3 Comments

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything new on my blog for about six months. After nearly ten years of regularly posting, I took a break.

There are various reasons why. Life is busy, I was doing other things. Maybe I was getting bored of biscuits (what? surely not!). But a large part of the reason for stopping was that I was angry. Increasingly angry. Angry about our corrupt politicians who have sold out our futures to vested interests; who laugh and clap as our planet literally dies around us. And angry at an entitled population that grows every more selfish and resentful as they continue to grab more than their fair share of our finite resources.

And nowhere is that selfishness more evident than when people get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. And it is getting worse. Much worse. It’s always been the case that cars brig out the absolute worst in human beings, but over the past few years, in Sydney at least, the level of selfishness, impatience and malice on display has been rising to hitherto unknown levels, mirroring the ever rising temperatures of a planet on the brink of ecological collapse and stoked by increasingly shrill neo-fascist voices in the mainstream right-wing media.

Anyway, I stopped blogging because I was getting so angry that I didn’t really want to write. But now I’ve decided to start again. I’ll try and keep the anger in check, or at least turn it into something constructive. Let’s see how we go.



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  1. Hello: I also know and understand your frustration with the road environment. The distracted driving is in plague proportions. The venomous hatred that overflows any “cyclist” related media article is both saddening and infuriating.
    The lack of Police action on anything – phone use, speeding, dangerous driving, excessive noise, close-passing of bicyclists – is disgraceful. The vast majority are getting a free pass; lack of enforcement equals tacit approval of their behaviour.
    I’ve invested in Zwift/Wahoo during the last year (sadly, one less bicycle on the road, at least on some days), and I seem to now real-life-ride a diminishing number of routes that I consider “safe” while avoiding almost everything that appears anything like an arterial, or semi-arterial road. Luckily I can get to and repeat ascents of my favourite mini-climb Mt Coot-tha, which keeps me sane.
    Best of luck on being positive – it’s hard to do! I appeciate your efforts!

  2. Good you’re back. Sadly it’s not just Sydney – seems to be everywhere. I’m struggling on whether words can do anything about it, but I do feel if we’ve got a platform and galvanize others (or at least not make them feel totally alone) it’s worth it. How to get out beyond the bubble of people who think the same as me is hard though – if you work it out let me know! Karen

  3. Good to read you again

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