Arnott’s Tim Tam Pineapple

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The pineapple tim tam packArnott’s flavour innovation machine just keeps cranking ’em out. It seems not a week goes by without yet another Tim Tam variety hitting the shelves.

I imagine the overlords in the marketing department standing over the poor cream filings development team, whipping them mercilessly and crying ‘more new flavours, and make them tasty!’, whilst the poor, downtrodden fillings team frantically concoct new flavours whilst dodging the flailing lashes. And having previously created the Pina Colada flavour, it seems they grabbed the pineapple part of this recipe, left out the coconut and then held it up in trembling hands to their masters, whimpering, ‘try this new Pineapple flavour, oh great ones’, in the hope it would appease them and earn a brief respite from the relentless pain.

Oh yes, it’s no fun being an Arnott’s cream filling developer.

pineapple tim tam biscuitSo I eat these in solidarity with those poor folks, but at the same time feel a bit cheated that it’s essentially the same as the Pina Colada without the coconut. Whilst I think is actually less good, as the coconut adds richness. And to be honest I’m still not sold on this whole pineapple / chocolate combo thing.

Sorry, this one only gets a two and a half out of ten. But please, Arnott’s, don’t take it out on your poor filings team.

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