Tim Tam Espresso Martini

March 10, 2016 at 12:43 | Posted in biscuits | 2 Comments
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espresso martini tim tam packetWell, those folks at Arnott’s keep churning out these new Tim Tams. The new strategy seems to be to launch a new flavour every day, have it in the market for perhaps a week or so, and then replace it with something new. It certainly makes for exciting shopping, if rather exhausting blogging.

The two new flavours are inspired by cocktails. Arnott’s have got into hot water with this approach before. In 2004 they launched Tia Maria flavoured Tim Tams, which apparently contained a tiny amount of alcohol. This was condemned by the Australian Drug Foundation – ‘won’t somebody think of the children!’, although the controversy I’m sure was great for sales. This time they are playing safe, with a clear ‘virgin’ appended before the name. That said, when I see ‘Virgin’ I think of slightly seedy bearded entrepreneurs, not alcohol-free cocktails.

espresso martini tim tam biscuitSo how are they? When, in many ways they are quite similar to the ‘Three Bean‘ flavour that was available a little while ago (but seems now to be discontinued). They have an attractive coffee flavour, with a slightly grown up taste, which perhaps is the virgin Martini. Stirred but not shaken, perhaps. Not a classic, but not bad at all. If you liked the Three Bean flavour, you will like these about as much. If you hated Three Bean, you’ll hate these about as much.

Not much more to say really. I’ll give them a seven out of ten. Next week, we’ll look at the other new cocktail flavour – Pina Colada, so stay tuned.


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  1. Dear Chillikebab,
    Firstly good morning and thank you, I always love finding a new biscuit review on your blog.
    However this morning i noticed an error on your blog. Arnott’s released three new flavours in this series. It appears you have missed the ‘Strawberry Champagne’ flavour. I look forward to its review.

  2. Ah ha! Thank you for pointing out my error. I most humbly apologise. I’ve made amends with a look at the new strawberry flavour you mention: https://chillikebab.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/tim-tam-strawberry-champagne/

    However, I might point out you too are mistaken. It turns out there are four new biscuits in this new range! The review of number four will be forthcoming soon…

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