NSW Ginger Nut – revisited

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ginger nut packBack in 2011, I looked at the NSW Ginger Nut. A truly remarkable piece of biscuit engineering, capable of withstanding the most extraordinary forces – eating it requires an almost karate-like skill. That review remains one of the most read on my blog (which is to say viewing figures are close to double figures), and certainly the most commented.

However, in recent times the comments have taken on a worrying edge. Commenters spoke darkly of the ‘influence of the Americans’, and hinted that the oh-so-uncompromising NSW Ginger Nut had ‘gone soft’.

Is this really the case? Could it be that Arnott’s lost their way, and dared to change the recipe? And after what happened last time?

This was something that needed urgent investigation. And given the trove of scientific data I amassed last time I looked at them, I thought it shouldn’t be too hard to find out if things had indeed changed for the worst.

First of all, though, I did some anecdotal trials with some randomly selected work colleagues. Did they think the Ginger Nut had gone soft? I procured a pack, and offered them around. The overwhelming consensus was that they were just as hard and unyielding as ever. Encouraging, but I wanted to know for sure.

A visual inspection yielded few clues:

ginger nut biscuitarnotts ginger nut biscuit





The 2011 picture is on the left, the 2015 on the right. What we can clearly see is that I have got better at photography in the last four years. But otherwise, they look pretty similar.

So it was time for the three-point-flexural test. I used the same board, the same weights and even the same cocktail stick, carefully retrieved from the Chillikebab archives:

arnotts ginger nut flexural test

So, how is it going to fare? Is this going to reveal that the NSW Ginger Nut is but a weak shadow of it’s former self, or is it going to stand tall, living up to it’s fine history?

Well, I started to pile the weights on top. More and more. And then, with a loud snap, it cracked.

arnotts ginger nut failure point

So what was the final tally? Well, as you can see by the high-precision weights piled on the top, it fractured when I reached 52.2 Newtons, or a little over 5kg. This result, as you will remember, is pretty much exactly the same as last time.

So you can rest easy in your beds, dear readers. It seems the NSW Ginger Nut is as strong and unyielding as it ever was. All I can suggest is perhaps those readers who had such painfully soft experiences had somehow got hold of one of the inferior Queensland varieties. So if there is a problem, perhaps it is in the logistics. Change your shopping location, seek out the NSW variety, and enjoy…

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  1. Thanks chillikebab
    We in Queensland can only dream affectionately of the hardness that is the NSW biscuit. It was my joy at discovering the remarkable difference through an inadvertent ordering mishap at my local shop that brought me to your blog. Perhaps your more recent commentators have had the reverse problem with inferior Qld biscuits (with no warning label I note) being placed in onto NSW shelves.
    The price of a decent ginger nut is eternal vigilance!

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