Arnott’s Tim Tam Coconut Cream

July 1, 2015 at 13:00 | Posted in biscuits | 2 Comments
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timtamcoconutpackCoconut is a surprisingly strong flavour. When we were travelilng in South-east Asia, we would often buy pineapples from roadside stalls and markets. They were usually beautifully carved with a spiral groove running around them which removed the hard ‘eyes’ without loosing any of the fruit (we can never be bothered at home, and just cut off the skin really thickly. Such western decadence). Anyway, sometimes, they seemed to taste strongly of coconut. We finally learned this happened when the pineapple trees were planted next to coconut palms – the flavour actually transferred from one plant to another via the roots. As Mrs Chillikebab doesn’t really like coconut, this was not always welcome.

Well, Mr Zumbo has been visiting the Arnott’s kitchen again, and has come up with another new variant – a full-on coconut cream Tim Tam. I suppose that this was pretty inevitable; as I’ve mentioned before, Arnott’s, whilst making a range of absolutely peerless biscuits, do have a tendency to overdo the coconut. So how does this work out, when coconut is the key ingredient? (And, more importantly, is the taste somehow going to seep out into the other ranges…?!)

timtamcoconutbiscuitWell, actually the answer is ‘pretty well’. They smell nice and coconutty, and have a rich coconut taste. Yes, it’s very strong, but it’s not that nasty, drying, slightly sour coconut you sometimes get – this is creamy and moist and very moreish. These biscuits actually reminded me quite strongly of the Bounty bar. (And what did happen to the cardboard tray?)

I think these are rather good. (Thank goodness. My faith is restored, after some rather second rate efforts…). I’m going to give these a seven out of ten.


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  1. Is it my monitor, your camera or are they really a bright blue colour? The picture on the wrapper doesn’t have a blue filling!

  2. Hmm, the blue hue is a bit pronounced, isn’t it?
    That’s my camera, not the biscuit. When I have time (probably around 2034, when the jnr Chillikebabs leave home), I’ll fix up the picture.

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