Shiny new shoes

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new shoesIt’s been a bit over three years since I bought my last pair of shoes. How long are cycling shoes supposed to last, I wonder? The old ones were getting really tatty and starting to stink. And, most ominous of all, the little clip things that do up the ratchet fastener seemed to be on their last legs, slipping and not working unless held in position.

I realise, if you’ve never used silly clip-clop road shoes, that that last bit might not make much sense. A ratchet fastener? On a pair of shoes? What is this nonsense, and what’s wrong with laces anyway? Well, we shall see…

My new shoes are not white, but black and grey, And very very shiny. They came in a very nice box, packed in a special carry bag (which I can’t see me using; my shoes stink enough when left out to air, goodness knows how they would fester in a waterproof bag) with various bits and bobs to stick on them to ensure a perfect fit to your feet.

This is, of course, very important. This ‘excellence in technology’, together with that ratchet fastener, is what delivers the ‘power, speed and a lot more time on the podium’ promised on the box. Thus I am looking forward to more podium finishes along Mowbray Road, or perhaps even a stage win over Gladesville Bridge. So out of my way, you mere mortals with your lace-up shoes. I am coming through, and I have shiny new shoes…

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