Toddlers and vehicular cycling

July 25, 2013 at 22:45 | Posted in bicycles | 1 Comment
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Ever since Little Chillikebab got her first bike, she’s gradually getting better at riding it. She’s been riding it to the park sometimes, with me walking along. Whilst she still shuffles along a lot of the time, she is starting to get the hang of scooting along so the bike rolls while she lifts up her feet.

Riding balance bikeAs she’s getting quite proficient, when I needed to pop to the shop, I suggested that she could ride her bike, and I would ride mine too. She seemed quite excited about the idea of both riding, so I got her bike out of the garage and told her to take it to the end of the drive whilst I got the Radish out.

I glanced down the drive to see Little Chillikebab waiting for me at the edge of the curb, ready to go into the road.

‘No no,’ I called, ‘we’ll ride on the pavement.’

She looked back at me with a puzzled expression. “But bikes go on the road, Daddy!’ she said plaintively.

This was a problem I had not foreseen. Apparently years of ferrying her around on my bike has turned her into a committed vehicular cyclist. After some discussion (she was not ready to give up on the riding on the road idea easily) I convinced her that it was OK to ride on the pavement, and off we went.

She did really well. It was quite a challenge for me to ride that slowly, but we got there. I was expecting her to give up or get tired, but she rode the whole way  – about a kilometre or so. It’s mostly on a barely discernible downhill, which certainly helps, but I was very proud. My first bike ride with my daughter!


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  1. Good stuff. I’ve had a similar experience with my two. It can be excruciatingly slow when all you want to do is grab some milk so we can all have breakfast. Knowing my luck by they time they are old enough to do it at a reasonable speed they won’t want to anymore.

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