Fun Sticks – Vanilla

May 14, 2013 at 11:01 | Posted in biscuits | 2 Comments
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Vanilla Fun Sticks PackYou may remember that some time ago I looked at the Choc Fun Stick. At the time I noted that there was also a vanilla variant – which I have finally got around to looking at.

You may also remember that, when looking at the Choc version, how struck I was by all the parallels to cigarettes – everything from the look to the packaging. Well, the vanilla version steps this up several notches. The thing just looks exactly like a roll-up. Indeed, it’s very reminiscent of a rather different kind of fun stick I remember from my college days. It’s quite uncanny. Frankly it rather puts me off them, but once I had taken the few obligatory imaginary puffs, I sampled it.

Vanilla Fun Stick ArnottsAs you’d expect, it’s very similar to it’s choc brethren. Quite sweet, but with a satisfyingly vanillary taste, free from the artificial tang that bedevils some cheap vanilla products. They are quite moreish, with a good crunch to them, and small enough to chomp away with abandon.

I’m going to give these a seven out of ten.


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  1. You would do well to take fruit or vegetable sticks. Processed industrialised food is hardly healthy. Watch the Cycling Tours, the food bags do not contain this sort of rubbish.

  2. Gosh, they sure do. I read your review re the choc ones last week and never expected to meet any so soon, but my son brought a whole packet home from a friend’shouse yesterday. So much packaging! But so appealing to the 5 and 7 yo. They were very good about getting ready for school this morning, with the reward of fun sticks for recess if they could be ready on time.

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