The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

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Hunger GamesThe other evening I was looking for something to read – something not too challenging, to pass the time. I was going through my Kindle archive (which includes all the e-books Mrs Chillikebab has bought. I have to say I am such a convert to the whole Kindle thing – it’s just awesome) and noticed she had bought ‘The Hunger Games’. It’s a book that has been talked about a lot, and I know quite a few people who have read it; however it had limited appeal for me. I was a little curious, however, so I idly started reading, not expecting to get very far before changing to something else.

Of course, I ended up reading the whole book. It rattles along, like the adventure yarn it is. My first impression was of a good story, but one that lacked depth and characterisation. Not that this is really a valid criticism, after all it’s aimed at teenagers. And the mawkish teenage love interest is rather tedious and one-dimentional. However, it was certainly an enjoyable read – just the kind of diversion I was looking for.

Curiously, though, the book stayed with me over the coming days. I found myself thinking about it often, and some of the deeper themes emerged upon reflection. This surprised me, and gave me pause to re-evaluate it somewhat. I can’t help feeling there’s a really good adult fiction book buried in here trying to get out. Or perhaps that’s the whole point as to why it’s such a great teen book – it’s so accessible.

Either which way, it’s a recommended read.


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