Tim Tam honeycomb

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Well, dear readers, I must apologies for how late this review is! Notwithstanding the ‘sweet wishes’ range having been launched over a year ago, I never got around to publishing a review of the last variety of the trio – ‘Honeycomb’. I say ‘publishing’, as I actually wrote the review over a year ago, but somehow it’s been languishing in my ‘drafts’ folder for months and months. Well, here it is for your reading pleasure!

The ‘Honeycomb’ variety is the final instalment in the ‘Sweet wishes’ range, which also includes the rather awful Turkish Delight and the rather good Choc Caramel.  Is the Honeycomb Tim Tam going to pull the range up to an honourable two out of three, or cause it to sink ignominiously into ordinaryness?

It’s all classic Tim Tim stuff to look at, although I do note that these biscuits actually contain powdered honeycomb. The cream filling is a pale orange colour. There isn’t really much of a distinctive taste; just a general sweetness. Overall perhaps a hint of hokey-pokey flavour, but not really honey. That said, they are quite pleasant, just a little anonymous. Not a classic variety, but not at all offensive. I’m going to give these a six out of ten.


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