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Regular readers may have noticed that the biscuit reviews have been a bit few and far between lately. Whilst that’s partly just because I’ve not got myself into gear to write them, there is also another, more pressing reason.

You see I’m simply running out of varieties. Notwithstanding the apparently near-infinite range Arnott’s seem to have, I am now finding it very hard to find new and interesting sweet treats to sample. So imagine my joy, dear reader, when I happened down the biscuit aisle in the supermarket one lunchtime, and saw a bone-fide brand new Arnott’s line! I rushed them to the checkout (unexpected item in the bagging area indeed!), and from there back to work in order to tear into them.

Fun Sticks seem to be part of a new range designed as lunchbox fillers.There are two other lines in the new range, although the other two are simply re-packaged Tim Tam Originals and Mini Wagon Wheels (although I might have to try the Tim Tam ones, to see if they are a new form factor, or just new packaging). At first glance, Fun Sticks seem to be a miniature version of those praline things you get in large tins at airports – and indeed this is sort of what they are like.

However, what I wasn’t quite expecting was just how miniature they were going to be – about five centimetres long and perhaps only five millimetres thick. There are ten ‘snack packs’ in the big box, and each ‘snack pack’ contains nine Fun Sticks, thoughtfully placed in a plastic tray. So that’s a full ninety sticks of fun to chomp through – something that, given their size, I would say was eminently achievable in a single sitting, for the truly dedicated.

The other striking thing about Fun Sticks is that they look exactly like small cigars. Indeed, as I raised one to my lips to sample it’s choc stick goodness the guy who sits opposite me looked up in surprise and said ‘Is that a cigar?’. Once he said this, I found it impossible to resist the temptation to take some imaginary puffs and do a quick Groucho Marx impression. I wonder if kids these days still do this kind of thing, now that you can no longer buy candy cigarettes? Once I got thinking along these lines, I also couldn’t help noticing how the main packet also seemed to have something of the appearance of a box of smokes, and the little tray in the individual packs does make handing them around feel a lot of proffering cancer sticks. All very strange – I wonder if this line was dreamed up down in the smokers corner of Arnott’s factory?

Still, for all that, they taste quite OK; soft choc cream inside a light, crispy tube. Sure, it’s cocoa rather than real chocolate but as an everyday snack I suppose it does the job – they are quite moreish and I would say the elements of the size, shape and packaging does add a definite element of fun. I’m going to give them seven out of ten.

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