Bike wings, office facilities and rain

July 2, 2012 at 19:29 | Posted in bicycles | 1 Comment
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Another pot-pourri of cycling randomness from my travels…

I happened to be wandering around Circular Quay the other day, and the exhibits for the ‘Vivid’ festival were all set out. One that caught my eye was an installation of bikes, each fitted with fairy wings that illuminated when the bicycle was pedalled. All rather splendid, although I thought it was a great pity that the lights were mains powered; they illuminated when a sensor detected the wheel was turning but the whole thing was plugged into an electricity supply. how much better would it have been if the lights were pedal powered? Still, they looked very cool, and it was a pity that I never managed to get down when it was dark to see them in all their glory.

There are a lot of signs up in the CBD at the moment, advertising office space for sale / rent. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of the GFC, but there are a ot around. This one caught my eye as I walked past; the fact that it has shower facilities is a key selling point. It’s been noted before that shower and cycling facilities are some of the most asked-for items in office facilities at the moment, and here’s further evidence. Getting to work via active transportation is the future, especially for areas such as city centres. Perhaps someone should tell Duncan Gay…

The tradition of cold weather and heavy rain on the Queens’ birthday long weekend was duly observed at the weekend, with it really lashing down on Monday. Its also the weekend of the Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, and the organisers of that event must shake their heads in disbelief as – yet again – the rain pours and the wind whistles. They should give up and hold it in the summer. It didn’t stop me from going out though; I had to go to the shops so I swaddled myself with head to toe Gore-tex and set off into the storm to buy fish for supper. I didn’t see any other cyclists, although there were a few hardy souls jogging around the bay, looking very wet. I cruised along on the Radish having a fine old time, the rain drumming on my hood and the water swishing under my mudguards. I got several admiring comments about the Radish too. It does seem to intrigue people.

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  1. Love those bikes with wings. If they were a bit smaller and pedal powered you could ride around at night with then – that would be cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

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